Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Minimalist Homemaker Tag - Living With Less

About a year ago we started to adopt the ways of a minimalist.  Being minimalist to me, is just a label for not living in excess.  Its about keeping what you use and love and getting rid of the rest.  Its also about not buying what you don't need or buying way too much of what you want.  I like to compare it to food, if you ate one piece of cake once in a while you would enjoy it.  If you ate a piece of cake everyday you might enjoy it but you would probably gain weight and get unhappy.  If you ate several pieces of cake everyday you would probably get sick. 

This is how I feel about stuff.

I decided to come up with 20 questions about being minimalist (Minimalist Homemaker Tag), that I am answering on my YouTube channel.  Here are the questions below in case you would like to do this tag video or answer these questions on your blog.  Obviously feel free to change the questions so they can apply to you. 

  1. Has minimalism made staying home/ working from home easier for you?
  2. What is the best part of staying home or working from home?
  3. What is the hardest part of your home to keep minimal / under control?
  4. Has minimalism changed the time of day you wake up or go to bed?
  5. Do you listen to music or have the TV on when you declutter or clean?
  6. How often do you declutter or clean?
  7. Do you have a minimal makeup routine? Did becoming minimal change your makeup routine?
  8. What is your most cluttered area in your house?
  9. Has being minimal made you more productive?
  10. Do you feel you would be more or less minimal if you worked outside of the house?
  11. What is your never ending chore / area to declutter?
  12. Has minimalism changed how you relax or spend your down time?
  13. Do you think you could be minimal if your significant other is not? Does your partner help with the minimizing?
  14. If you have kids, do they know you are minimalist?
  15. How do you keep clutter from entering the house?
  16. What is your favorite room in the house? Is this the most clutter free area?
  17. What is your least favorite room in the house? Is this room more cluttered?
  18. Do you feel your house has a “minimalist” look?
  19. Does your house feel calmer because of minimalism?
  20. How long have you been living / thinking like a minimalist?

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This video is in collaboration with another awesome YouTube Channel called Minimom
Check that out here

Friday, June 15, 2018

Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach

We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and had the best time ever!  This aquarium is amazing, there are so many different sections and plenty to see and do for all ages.  We spent about 3 hours touring around and we still didn't see every section.  If you are in California on vacation or live here and looking for something to do I would definitely recommend this.

We were able to pet the sharks and sting rays, and feel the starfish!
Instagram : @shannontorrens
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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Price Transfer Museum & 80th Birthday

We went to a private museum called Price Transfer last weekend for Mike Kuhl's 80th birthday party.
This museum is awesome!  There is so much to see and my dad fired up their dragster along with a lot of other dragsters and cars.  Emmett was lucky enough to get to sit in a dragster and pretend to race.

We had the best time.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

20 Months Old - CALVIN

Calvin is 20 months old!  I can't believe he is almost 2 years old, where has the time gone.

He is such a sweet boy, but also very wild and adventuresome.
  • He loves to climb (sometimes I turn around and he is standing on the table)
  • He loves to eat, getting a little picky, but still loving food
  • He is really good a kicking a ball 
  • His current obsession is keys (any car keys)
  • He talks so much, he said a full sentence about a month ago. He turned around in his high chair and said "I see you Emmett"
  • He wants it his way if not he will lay on the ground in protest
  • Calvin and Emmett are finally starting to play together 
  • Best of all he just goes with the flow most of the time!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Adventures in California - Spring Time

Taking advantage of some fun free places to go.

In no particular order, here are some photos from the last few weeks.  We have been doing so much and having a lot of fun.  The weather has been all over the place, one day it is freezing and the next day it is super hot.  I guess that is the California Spring.

We are super excited for summer.  Just a few days ago they started heating our community pool so we have been taking advantage of that and teaching the kids how to swim.  When summer arrives we will be ready!

Below we are at the Irvine Spectrum.  We had lunch and walked around.

Emmett made Grant a flower pot for his birthday.

We have been updating our garden, adding lots of plants and making it a nice place to hang out.

We went to the Newport Dunes for the day.

We visited Uncle Roy and went to Balboa.

We have been taking advantage of some local free things to do.  We are lucky that California has so much going on.

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