Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Big Bear

Last weekend we went to Big Bear.  It was so nice to have cool weather and be in the great outdoors.  I wish we lived full time in the wilderness.  The kids loved running around and gathering pine cones.  We made a fire where we were staying because it was actually cold at night.

The first day there we went to a really neat park and later in the afternoon we went for a hike up the street where we were staying.  On Saturday we went on a boat ride on the lake and then we went for a hike around the lake.

Sunday we went on the louge ride before driving home. 


Thursday, September 7, 2017

First Day of Preschool

Today I dropped Emmett off for his first day of preschool.  We got there with all of the other parents and kids and we took the customary pictures.  Emmett and I have been talking about all the FUN he will be having and going over his teachers names.  When it was his turn to go into the class he gave me a big hug and kiss and walked in, then he turned around and gave me this look as if he had no idea what to do.  I said go play with the trucks.  Then I started to cry!  Oh boy!  So I quickly put on my sunglasses and tried to get out of there before anyone saw me crying.

The tears stopped by the time I was to my car.  Now that I am home I am wondering, if he is having fun and what he is doing?   I am so excited for him to be out making friends and having fun!

Here he is with his teacher.  Ready to have fun and learn.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Calvin 11 Months

Calvin is 11 months old!  I say it every time, but how is this possible?  He is walking and he is talking.  He has really good balance, he will stand up on his own and take a few steps then he will squat back down pick something up and stand back up and continue walking.  Within the last week he went from taking a few steps to fulling walking from one thing to the next.

He is talking!  When he is done eating we always say all done and about a week ago he said all done.  It sounded like ahhh doooon but I knew that was what he was saying.  He also says mama, dada, bye bye, hi, and no no (shaking his head).

Overall he is a very happy baby who loves to laugh and loves to explore down on the ground.  He doesn't like to be told no and he doesn't want to be held.  He wants to be FREE!
You have to watch him around books because he will eat them.  My mom was driving the boys the other day and I guess Emmett handed Calvin a book in the back seat and when they got there he was covered in wet shredded paper.  Having 2 kids is definitely more challenging than one because the older one can open gates and has small toys and they don't really understand that babies can't do what they do. 

Now that Calvin is mobile and understands so much more the two of them are able to play once in a while.

Calvin is into climbing!  It can get a little scary at times LOL.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Minimalism 1 Month

I have been getting rid of the clutter in my house for the last month.  I have read books and watched documentaries and watched people on youtube all talk about minimalism and how great it is.  It seems among some people this is a movement and current trend.  I just happened to find out about it from watching the documentary on Netflix.

For us this will be a way of life because I can't imagine wasting anymore money in the dollar section of Target buying junk that we end up throwing away a week later.

I wouldn't call myself a minimalist because my house is still stuffed full of junk and I have 2 of a lot of kitchen tools, but at least now I don't have 5 of every kitchen tool haha.

After a month of going through every room in my house and only keeping the stuff we use and love I can see a huge difference.  My biggest goal is not bringing any new junk/stuff into the house unless we really NEED it.  This isn't hard for me, but I never realized how much shopping or looking around stores I use to do.  Going to target use to be somewhere I would go just to get out of the heat and look around and be entertained for a short time.  Well now I don't see the point of going there unless I really Need something, so I have had to come up with other forms of entertainment.  

We have gone to the library twice and checked out books and walked around.  We have done a lot more playing in the front yard and lots of time going through the stuff in the house.

Overall I feel like my house looks a lot cleaner.  I know my house isn't actually "cleaner" but because there isn't a ton of junk on every shelf it looks like there is more room.

Looking into minimalism has caused a snow ball effect for our family.  We have watched more documentaries and learned more about health and our environment.  We have made so many changes in a short time, its incredible.  We have changed our diets, and now we are eating so much healthier!  I have lost 4 pounds and Grant has lost 10 pounds in just a week or two.  

We no longer buy plastic water bottles.  Grant use to take 4 plastic water bottles to work everyday.  Now he takes two large reusable bottles to work.  When I think about how much we were wasting it makes me sad.  That is around 1040 plastic bottles that are not going into a landfill this year. 

I will do more updates on the blog as we continue to make life improvements.

Here is my first post on Minimalism.

Here are some of the documentaries we have watched.
What the Health
The True Cost
Living on One Dollar
Forks Over Knives 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Discovery Cube

Last weekend we went to the Discovery Cube.  This was a really fun day!  Because we went on a weekend it was a little crowded, but it kept us busy for a few hours.  Emmett loved seeing everything there was about outer space, but of course as usual his favorite part was the gift store with all the toys!  I think it will be good to go again when the kids are a little older and can really understand what they are looking at.

The main attraction was the Doc Mc Stuffins toy hospital, but sadly there were so many people in that section we couldn't even understand what we were looking at ha ha.  It was one of those moments where you walk in and just want to get out as soon as possible.

Over all it was a super fun day!
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