Sunday, August 13, 2017

Emmett Can Swim

Today Emmett swam across the pool with no flotation device!  In the morning we went to the Great Park in Irvine and walked around and went on the carousel and listened to live music.  In the afternoon we went swimming, just like we always do.  Normally Emmett will swim from the wall to us with his head down and he has been doing this for a while now, but today he swam the width of the pool!  When he came up Grant and I clapped for him, it is so exciting.  3 1/2 years old and can swim!

Of course he is still learning, but its exciting for him to make it all the way across =)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Almost Walking

Calvin is almost walking!  He is now looking like such a big kid.  


 This kid is wild.  He is non stop going from the second he wakes up and his newest thing is screaming to get attention!  He is happy but just screams!
Here is Emmett's Lego creation.  He is so good at building Lego.

Last weekend we went to the US Open and watched some surfing.

Last week was Dean's birthday, so we stopped by to say happy birthday and enjoy some cake.

Forgive me for all of these terrible phone photos!  No one will hold still for any good pictures anyways.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hip Hop Class

This week was the last hip hop class for this session.  We have signed Emmett up for the next session because he likes dancing and having fun.

I personally love watching all the cute little kids dance around.  They are so entertaining!


Each kid got an award for being an awesome dancer.  It was so exciting!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Calvin is 10 Months

Calvin is 10 months old!  He wants to walk so bad.  He crawls really really fast especially when he is trying to get to something before you do.  He likes to take off for the stairs or electrical cords!  The hard thing about having 2 kids where one is old enough to do a lot on his own is he will open gates and next thing you know Calvin is headed for the stairs.

We are having lots of fun this summer, on Calvin's 10 month anniversary we went to a park in Newport and we went to the beach.

He is doing so many new things this month.
He is pulling himself up to a standing position without using anything and balancing for a few seconds.
He is eating so much food.
The good thing is he has 6 teeth now so I can just chop up our food and he eats what we are eating.
He is overall a super happy easy going baby (unless Emmett is wrestling him).

 Looks like he is saying why?
 Emmett's face LMAO

 He doesn't like it when Emmett tries to beat him up.  But I don't worry because he is really strong and he seems to know how to wrestle back.
Oh yeah I forgot, he waves at everyone like he is in a parade and when we say goodbye to Dada every morning he says bye bye.
(also getting these pictures wasn't easy haha)

Friday, July 28, 2017


I have decided to adopt some of the philosophies of minimalism.  This all started earlier this month when my car's transmission went out.  We had to have the whole transmission rebuilt for around $3000. !  That was unexpected, but also kinda expected at the same time.  When your car is 15 years old you know its going to start falling apart.  We decided it would still be cheaper to fix our car rather than buy a new one or another used one that could have the same problem down the road.

I am currently a stay at home mom for a variety of reasons, but that puts us in the category where we only have one income to support the whole family.  We are fine with that, but we can only make so much money unless my husband decides to work every weekend and late at night.  What kind of life would that be?  One thing we can control is how much money we spend.  If we spend less money we will have more.  I looked at our finances and realized one thing we could cut out was cable TV.  By cutting out cable we are saving $60 a month!  Of course we still want to have something to watch so we did get netflix for $10 a month, and we got an antenna which gives us all the basic channels.  So we are still saving $50 a month.

When we got netflix we happened upon a documentary about minimalism (  When I was watching this documentary it got me thinking about our life and how much junk we buy and store in our house.  I would go to Target for something to do and walk around looking for stuff we might need.  Just thinking hey maybe I will see something I didn't know I needed or wanted ha ha, just for entertainment.  The crazy thing was we had already been trying to cut back on our spending and then I saw this documentary and it put it all together for me.

This week I started reading all about minimalism and what it is, and how it can help with keeping your house clean.  I started to really look at everything in our house and I started to ask myself when is the last time I used those 16 wine glasses?  When is the last time I used those 30 blankets (we live in CA, its never cold)?

I looked up ways to start cleaning out the house and for me the easiest place to start was the kitchen.  I am not emotionally attached to anything in my kitchen so it was easy for me to keep 8 wine glasses and get rid of 8.  We are starting slow, I am not getting rid of everything in my house, but its funny how after 4 full car loads to the goodwill our house still looks the same.  This is a work in progress I will keep you updated on how it goes...

( one of the many full trash bags we donated)

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