Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Random Videos From This Month

As the title says, here are some random videos from this month.


For some reason the tile in our backyard has lifted.  We will probably ignore this problem and hope it goes away.


Here we are scraping paint.  Mostly I was messing around.


Here we are before my mom and I left for the bunco party and my dad watched Emmett.

Fun Fun Fun!

Monday, July 27, 2015

July 2015

July is almost over and I swear we were just celebrating the 4th!  What happened? Where did it go?
Here in CA we have had some weird weather.  It has been extremely humid and it has even rained a few days.  Usually by now in the summer it is really hot and dry.  We are happy to get the rain!

I find myself feeling a little lost every time Monday rolls around.  I guess I like to feel there is a schedule and I like to feel like I am getting things done.  Being a stay at home mom can be a little monotonous once in a while and also isolating.  Anyways I guess I am still adjusting.

 A week ago Emmett got to finally play in some rain.  It was warm enough to splash around for a while and get wet.  He loved it!
When did he get this big?
 We have been working on the bathroom and by using the word we I mainly mean Grant.

Its already looking 100% better!

 Sunday was a friends 5th birthday party.  Madison is so super cute!  She looks like a live doll.
 Then when they put a wig on her I am sure Emmett was confused, like this doll is alive!

Happy Birthday Kaylee! We had lots of fun!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pool Lunch Party

Our friend Sherry had us over for a pool party on Friday.  We had the best time!  Sherry and Mike have a turtle and a beautiful backyard.  Emmett was very impressed!

 Emmett loves turtles, so to see a real live one was a special treat.
He sleeps with a stuffed turtle every night.

 Emmett was given special cookies that he loved.
They were so cute.

Thank you Sherry for such a fun day!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Splash Pad

Yesterday morning we went to a local Splash Pad park.  It was really cool.  There was a regular park area and then there was a water park where water shot out of the ground and buckets dumped.  The only problem was how crowded it was.  I guess its cause its summer here and all the moms are looking for something to do, but it was so crowded that Emmett was a little overwhelmed and it was kinda hard to enjoy and keep track of what was going on.  I would have thought 10 am on a Friday it wouldn't be so bad, but the life guard said it was like that everyday.  That a better time to go is around 3pm or after.  Who would have thought.

Anyways we got out of the house, tired something new and saw some friends so it was worth it.

This smiling and laughing kept turning into crazy screaming lol.

Here is a link to the splash pad

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Park and Swimming

Yesterday we had a fun time at the park and swimming.  Lacey and the kids met us at the big castle park and after that we went back to our house to swim.  It was so hot at the park it was hard to really be in the sun.  Big hats and lots of sun block helped.
Emmett missed his afternoon nap from all of the excitement so he ended up falling asleep at 5pm and sleeping through the whole night dirty and in his day time clothes lol.  Oh well, I didn't want to wake him up.

 Emmett never wants to sit! He was ready to run the whole time.
 I am busy chewing that candy! lol!

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