Thursday, December 1, 2016

Calvin is 2 Months Old

It is hard to believe it has been 2 months since I was pregnant.  In a way it feels like it was a long time ago, but it also feels like having Calvin here is still new.  As I type this Calvin has woken up and Emmett is jumping around right next to him!  It is harder than you think trying to keep a 2 almost 3 year old from harming a newborn haha.  It won't be long before Calvin will be able to hold his own against Emmett.

Currently Calvin is:
  • 11.5 pounds and growing
  • loves to eat
  • sleeps well, only wakes to eat in the night and back to sleep
  • 8pm bed time 545am wake up (with everyone else in the house)
  • wears 3-6 month clothes
  • loves to be held 
  • loves to cuddle
  • his new hair is growing in
  • loves to smile
  • coos
  • reaches out for your face
  • can hold his head up
You know normal baby stuff!


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

This year we had Thanksgiving at my parent's house.  This holiday is one of those where we do something different almost every year.  It was nice to be home and relaxed so we could all take a nap after the huge dinner.  My mom made the whole dinner, I brought the sweet potatoes and made an apple pie.  It was the first time I have made an apple pie and it turned out pretty good.

 Here is the sweater Carol made for Calvin.  I just love it!

Leading up to Thanksgiving it rained!  So Emmett was very excited to get to go out and jump in muddy puddles.

 Emmett is officially potty trained.  The first week was a nightmare, but we stuck with it and now he hasn't had an accident for about 2 weeks now!  I really think this potty chart helped him get excited about going and we came up with a potty dance and a treat after every time he went.  I was willing to do anything it would take hahaha.  More than anything I think he was just ready =) (but it took lots of work at the start!)
 On Thanksgiving Emmett got to go for a ride in Pete and Carol's kid car.  He is definitely not ready for the road hahaha.  Grant had to run along the whole time to keep him from crashing.

 The dinner was excellent and we had a really fun time.

 The visor club!  We went for a walk after dinner.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Around the House

We have been spending a lot of time around the house.  We usually get out and do one thing everyday.  Sometimes I feel we should be doing more, but then I ask myself, Why?  Does it really matter if we are out all day or at home.  Half the time Emmett requests that we stay home and the other half of the time we finally make it out and then Emmett has a complete break down as we are walking into Target. 

Yesterday we went to Target in the morning (because that is the best time with little kids) and it still wasn't early enough!  By the time we got there Emmett was already getting tired (he wakes up at 545am) and as we walked in he started saying he wouldn't hold my hand and that he wouldn't sit in the kart and that he wanted to walk, but not hold hands!  This is all impossible because I am wearing Calvin hahaha so he has to go in the kart or else we can't actually shop.

So after a lot of talking and explaining, he finally got into the kart, but as I was dragging him by the arm because he wouldn't walk and was in the way of everyone entering the store I did think of aborting the mission and just going home.  I guess that is just how it goes with 2 year olds there is nothing rational about anything they want to do.

Calvin is the sweetest little guy who loves to eat and sleep.  He barely ever cries, but that is probably because as soon as he starts I pick him up and hold him.  I can't stand to hear him cry!  It is a lot of work to balance giving both kids equal attention.  Sometimes I feel bad for Calvin because he is just sitting there with no one interacting with him and sometimes I feel bad for Emmett because he will have no one to play with.  I guess that is part of having siblings.

 Little Men!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

For Halloween this year we went up to my mom's for the day and night.  My dad was away on a fishing trip so we spent part of the day making cookies and the night trick or treating.

Since it was a week night Grant didn't come with us, but he likes it, that way so he can watch all is scary shows.  He said we didn't get not even one trick or treater here.

 Emmett was obsessed with the sprinkles. He wanted to do the sprinkles before the cookies were made.


 Trick or Treating
Race car driver again and a bear.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

One Month Old

Today Calvin is one month old!  It is crazy how fast one month flew by.

  • Calvin already weighs 10 pounds 
  • He is a super happy baby
  • He loves to eat and sleep
  • He just started smiling, but you have to work extra hard for it
  • When he cries its not too loud YET...

 Here is a picture from my birthday.  I turned 33 on Thursday and Grant and I went out to dinner to Famous Dave's BBQ.
Mama and Calvin!

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