Monday, July 25, 2016


Lately we have been doing a lot of day trips to parks and friends houses.  It is so hot out that its hard to really be outside for too long.

Last week we went to a really cool park in Newport right on the water, we didn't stay too long because it was so hot in the sun.  Thursday night Grant and I went out on a date to dinner and drinks.  Saturday I went to my friends baby shower and on Sunday we took Grant to the airport for yet another work trip.

 Awesome park in Newport
 Ready to go out to dinner.

 At the baby shower.
 Sunday we visited my dad at the shop where they were working on the race car.

 On our way home we saw a garage sale and I scored all of these clothes for the baby for $2.50!
They are all 3 month so hopefully he will get use out of them before winter kicks in.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Laguna Beach

Saturday we spent the day at Laguna Beach playing in the water and laying on the beach.  The water is shockingly cold compared to Hawaii!  Once you get in its fine, I guess your body goes into shock and you get use to the cold.

 Grant and Emmett had fun exploring on the rocks and in the cave.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Maui Trip Videos 2016

Here are some videos from our trip. Now I wish we had taken more video!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Maui Part 3

 Playing in the sand on a super windy morning.
 Swimming with the turtle in the bay.

 Emmett made friends with some kids on the beach, they all made a sand pool with the help of the dads.

 Here we are before we went out to dinner in town at Kimos.

 28 weeks pregnant

 The last 2 days we were there Grant got to surf since there was some swell.
 That little head in the middle of the pic is Grant.  I didn't get any pictures of him catching any waves.

 Our last night out to dinner to watch the sunset at Whalers Village.
 The morning we left for home.

  Every where we walked Emmett would collect flowers that had fallen off the trees and give them to me! I loved it!

We had the best trip!  Emmett and Grant loved spotting lizards and one was nick names cumus cumus (who knows why) and right before we left there was a praying mantis on the lizard's tree.

Here is our trip from 3 years ago!
post 1
post 2 
post 3

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