Thursday, December 25, 2008


The day before Christmas we went to Dave's(the guy to the right of Grant) house to say goodbye because he is moving to the US for a while to be with his ex girl friend and his baby. Grant for some super weird reason thought it would be funny to cut his pants into really short shorts hahaha and wear that silly hat and vest and it worked, everyone was laughing. We also got some weird looks while shopping in the market.

(from left to right Dave, Sara, Mike aka Crockett, and mike aka Boots)
Christmas Morning with Grant! Cereal for breaky with banana and Strawberries soooo good!

After talking to my mom on the phone I got a little sad but Grant was there to cheer me up!

Before Lunch at Grant's dad's house we stopped by Alina's place to say hi!

She took a nice pic of us!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! For Christmas today I went with Grant to his dad's house for lunch. We had a really nice time, ate and drank good food consisting of ham, lamb, and veggies. Grant's dad is an excellent cook. In the next few days we are going to Coramandel to a concert and after that we are going up north to the beach. I will add pics in a day or so. Hope everyone has a great Christmas I miss everyone sooo much!

After finishing lunch at Grant's Father's house. His name is Dave.
Grant is helping wash dishes with his brother.
Adam and Grant (you can tell they are best friends by the way they are standing? right?)
It was funny watching them interact together and it was easy to tell they were brothers especially when Grant started to rip open Adam's present and their dad said somethings never change hahahahha!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Saturday I made some oatmeal raisin cookies for my friends and just to get in the Christmas spirit and cause I love baking and cause who doesn't like cookies. Besides baking didn't do much because it was raining on and off all day.

In the evening I hung out with some friends and just relaxed.
Look my hair still has a little curl left in it imagine that!
I miss everyone at home and I hope you all have a fun Christmas Crawl and a fun Family Christmas Party! Wish I could be there!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Not Feeling Like Christmas!

Yesterday Anna and I went shopping for some Christmas gifts. That statement is kinda funny because It really feels nothing like Christmas here to me, I guess its because I am not around my family and all our normal traditions. Anyways I just got a few things because I am not planning on really giving anybody any gifts. After the shopping we went to Alina's house for dinner, she made really good Mexican style food, and all of her friends were there. Regina and her boyfriend Brook, and Olga and her boyfriend and me Alina and Anna and another guy Tomash. It turned out everyone brought desert so we had like 3 cheese cakes and a chocolate cake hahhahaha. I am trying my hardest to stay in shape so I didn't eat that much thank god.

After dinner I took Anna home cause I am the best friend a person could ask for hahahha and I had an early night! I am hoping the weather today stays warm because I would like to do something fun with Sybilla, but it doesn't look like its going to.

Sorry I don't have pictures from last night I brought my camera but forgot to use it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

We are SOOO Famous (pause) NOT

So most of this week I had off, but in turn I have to work through the weekend. It sometimes reminds me of when I worked at the hotel I had week days off but its like who cares cause the rest of the world has weekends off hahahahha. Any ways this week I did some art (most of it didn't turn out any good), had dinner with some of my friends a few different nights and looked into some graphic design schools. Last night Grant invited me to his Dad's house for dinner and we had a really nice time he made Lamb and veggies, it was really good! Today is Friday and most of my friends have off the whole next week because of Christmas. Tonight Alina invited me and some people over for dinner at her place and then the rest of the weekend I am sure is going to involve some major partying because like I said this is the beginning of every one's vacation. I will keep everyone posted on what happens over the weekend. I am so excited about the vacation I can't wait I feel like when I was 6 years old and stuck in traffic on the way to Disney Land! Super Excited to say the least!

Sooo as my Blog Title says we are sooo Famous! Mel text me yesterday and said I was just reading Hot Rod Magazine and there is a picture of you and your mom! On the last day that my mom was in NZ we went to the Pukekohe Hot Rod and Horsepower Show to see Greg Stokes and the clone No. 25 Dragster. While we were there Greg took a picture of us by the car and the rest is history! We are now in the current issue of the Magazine, which is super cool, I feel like Paris Hilton ahhahah just kidding (my mom does).

Here are the pictures of the Magazine and us in it. Sorry they are a little blurry but that is the best I could do, it is a picture of a picture hahahha. Can't wait for tonight! =)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Long Weekend

For some reason this felt like a really long weekend! Friday I watched Sybilla we didn't really do anything exciting just walked to the library and went to the park. Saturday Grant came over and the three of us went into town to Aeotea Square where they have this market place. We walked around and ended up doing a little shopping. Saturday afternoon after I was done watching Sybilla, Grant and I went home and we all went in the pool and layed out in the last little bit of sun. That night they had a few friends over and we all just relaxed out side talking and hanging out.

Sunday morning Grant and I went out to breakfast in Devonport. I had scrambled eggs with toast it was really good. And of course coffee! After a lazy morning we walked around North Head along the rocks.

A Lazy Sunday Morning

Sunday night me Grant, Matt, Rina, and Gavin all went to Hola Cafe where we ate tons of Mexican food and drank Margaritas. Yum! Gavin had told us that there was a concert in the park in Orewa anyways he pretty much tricked us all because it ended up being this really hokey Christmas carols celebration hahhahaha. Grant was literally freaking out it was soo funny!

It was freezing too. Eventually it started raining so we were forced to go hahhahah Grant was like saved by the rain!

We had just finished dinner and Matt walks in and buys a hot dog I was ready to gag.
And Gavin Buys donuts hahahha Its like we couldn't eat enough.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


So in all the stores now they have these really cute long summer dresses for sale but the only thing is they cost like 60 to 80 dollars and they are literally made out of thin t-shirt material! Well I decided that I have to have one and I refuse to waste that much money on such a simple dress that isn't even worth 10 dollars. SO I went to the fabric store and bought some t-shirt material for 4 dollars and of course they didn't have a pattern for the type of dress I wanted so I decided that I would just make my own pattern. It only took me about 5 hours to make the whole dress hahhahaa. Granted it does look a little home made but that doesn't really matter because I am only going to wear it as a bathing suit cover up.

So here is the Dress! Sorry the photos are kinda crappy but I took them myself hahahah.
I think it came out ok after all!
Below is a picture of the light tree they have up in the local park! I guess because I am away from home and not doing any of the traditional Christmas things it just doesn't feel like the holidays, which is a good thing because that way I don't really feel sad like I am missing anything.

Thursday I went to the Botanical Gardens and met Mel for lunch. I had a really nice time walking around all the pretty flowers and getting out of the house to do something different, plus it is always nice talking to Mel!

Going to the Botanical Gardens never gets old either because there is always something new in bloom.

I caught this Bee mid flight!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saturday Morning I dressed Sybilla in the dress that I brought her when I first moved here and I am glad I did because it fits her perfectly. Saturday morning we went to a Christmas show for children that was held at the school just next door to her house. We didn't stay the whole time because Sybilla wanted nothing to do with watching this crazy lady do magic and I don't blame her. The Lady doing the magic not only sucked but she was dressed and acted like a nut case! At least Sybilla got to see other kids and get her face painted and run around so it wasn't a waste. After the magic fiesta we went to Takapuna beach with Alina and walked around, had lunch, and played on the grass.

This video shows how Sybilla dances every morning. She is really good!

Here is the cute dress!

The hat is a little old ladyish but Whatever!

Here is the nutty magic lady! Man was she bad hahhahha

Sybilla loved the Christmas Tree and getting her face painted!

Alina and Sybilla on the grass. We got a giant Balloon that surprisingly lasted all day!

Later in the day Saturday Anna and I went out for a few beers on Ponsonby and came across these lovely drag queens hahahhah

Can anyone say big hair?????

Late Saturday night went out to some bars on Ponsonby and got pretty much attacked by some weirdo from Brazil. I was able to escape but pretty much just walked straight out of the bar and into a cab home with out even telling anyone good bye I think I was about 5 min from a mental break down! Yuk anyways I think that is what happens when I try to do too many things in one day!
Sunday Morning went out to Breakfast with Grant and this cool car was in front of us at the light. Spent all day Sunday relaxing and floating around the pool.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Getting Carded

I just got back from the Grocery store where I bought milk, 2 bottles of wine, and stuff to make desert. All because I am going to Alina's for dinner and that is what I am bringing. The funny thing is that I get up to the clerk to buy everything and I have Sybilla with me and I know maybe I don't look like I am 21? but I know I do! hahaha anyways the funny thing is the lady says can I see your id and here you only have to be 18 to buy alcohol now I know that I look like I am 18. I had a hard time not laughing plus why would I have a child with me in the middle of the day if I was under 18 hahhahahah so funny.
Also last night on my walk to meet up with Anna for a drink which turned into like 6 drinks I watched a bum literally pick up a used cigarette off the ground and try to smoke it. I thought I was going to die laughing!
Miss everyone at home and hope you are all having a good holiday so far!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Working on art!

So I have today off and I had yesterday off and I feel like I should have a lot more done! Yesterday I went to the gym and finished a painting that I did for Sybilla's room. At night I went to Anna's backpacker place checked it out and we went and got a soda. The place is acctually really nice it reminds me of camp a bunch of bunk beds in a medium size room.

Today I plan to do some more art hopefully go to the gym if I can get some motivation and lord only knows what else. I might go to the movies later tonight.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Long Bay

Saturday was such a sunny warm day that I packed up Sybilla and all her baby stuff (which you would not believe the amount of stuff it takes to get a baby through the day) and we went to see Grant and I made everyone go to the beach!

This is Long Bay Beach

He is sooo tan! Its insane!

When walking to the beach we saw Jem's friend Brook, so she joined our gang.

Me the whitest person on the beach.

Sybilla loved running around on the beach! Mike kept trying to stop her from eating the sand but it was hopeless.

yum sand, nutritious and delicious!

Jem found a hat also hahahah

We stayed as long as we could but it got really hot and it was time to go home.
Saturday night Grant and I and the roommates wandered over to a neighbors house that was having a party and for as hot as it was during the day it was cold that night! I stayed as long as I could handle but I was freezing, apparently later that night there was a huge fight in the middle of the street that Grant said he enjoyed watching from the balcony. hhahhaha
Sunday was another really sunny nice day so we went to the hardware store first for me to get some art supplies and then to the Warehouse where I got a floaty for the pool. The rest of the day we just hung out and floated around the pool, it was a really nice relaxing day!
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