Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day Eight, Driving!!!

So last night Peter took me out to a bar where we watched the Rugby game. It was the Crusaders (The New Zealand team from Christ Church) against the Warratahs (from The new south Wales that is in Australia). The game was very exciting and the bar was packed! Everyone was Happy because the NZ team won yay!!! After the game we went to a different bar and I tried a NZ Margarita which was made in a martini glass and tasted a little different but still very good.

Today Rebecca and I went to the baby swim class and Sybilla got to swim with the other babies. She really loves swimming! When we got back home Peter and I took off and went driving. He drove us a little ways out of the city and then I started driving. We drove to a large mall where I got a mobile phone and to a fruit market where we stocked up on fruit and vegetables for the week.

It was a successful drive and I feel like I will be fine driving, and the more practice I get the better. When I have some extra time I will drive back to that mall and do some shopping.
Driving differences:
Signal = Indicator
Trunk = The boot
No left turn on a red light which for us would be no right turn on red.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Day Seven
Today was more of a kick back kinda day. Around 11am we went for a walk where we saw some really cute houses. The street we went down eventually hooked up to the main road where we stopped to drink some coffee and have a snack. When we got home I decided to start a painting of a tree that I really liked from Western Park. I didn’t get very far so I will post a picture of it when it’s done.

One exciting thing I just realized as I was talking to my mom was that something smelled and I couldn’t quite figure it out until I realized I had apparently stepped in something smelly when we were walking, could be poo even though it didn’t look like it. So I just scraped that off my shoe and washed my shoe. I had to write about that because just thinking about it is making me laugh hahahhaha.

So tonight we are going to eat dinner at home and then Peter is going to take me to bar to watch the rugby game. Should be fun!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day Six! IRD Number

Last night Rebecca and I went and saw a New Zealand movie and it was really cute. They serve alcohol and coffee at the theater which is a little different from CA.
Here are some pics of me in case you forgot what I look like!

I learned how to use the timer on my camera while hanging it from the wall.

This was the first try with the timer hahahah!
Also the first time I wore my where's Waldo shirt in Blue!

Today we went into town and I applied for my IRD Number which was pretty simple, then we took off to a large shopping center and we bought a hamper for my room.

Here is a picture of Auckland city from the bridge.

After we got back and had lunch I took off and walked up to Ponsonby Road again and I went into a second hand store where I had seen a set of drawers that I wanted the day before and guess what, They were gone!!!! But instead I found a pair of black pants that were from the gap for only 10$ and I found some kitting Needles for .50. I didn’t try the pants on but I am happy I took my chances because they fit!

After the thrift type store I thought I would go for a walk down a different way and maybe see some cute houses but my walk was destroyed by a large amount of rain. Thank god I had worn my rain coat.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day Five! Western Park and Ponsonby Road!

The really large tree in the back yard!

So today Rebecca and I and Sybilla all went to a garden store where they had a small café and we met up with her friend Kate and her 3 year old son. We then came back to the house and I went on a long walk down Ponsonby Road. I walked through just about every store that was along the road until I got to Western Park.
This is one of the hilliest and largest parks I have seen. I thought well I will just quickly walk down the hill and back up. Well let’s just say going down was a lot easier then going back up.
The art supplies here are a lot more expensive then they are at home, but I think I have the basics to get started with some paintings. The weather here has been really nice but as soon as I get a little money saved up I am planning on buying some black boots because they seem to be all the rage, and I am going to buy some long sleeved wool under shirts because apparently it is going to be freezing soon.

Me in Western Park!

Western Park! This park is huge and really green!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coffee Group and the Baby Gym

First Things First The dates on here are off today is acctually Wednesday the 28th!

So today I woke up early as usual and had my oatmeal. We did our normal morning routine accept this morning I was able to blow dry my hair with my new hair dryer yay!
Around 11am we took off to Rebecca’s Coffee group which is a group of women that all had babies at the same time. So there were about 6 mothers and 6 babies that were all there just to talk and have a snack. One of the babies was kinda aggressive and pulled Sybilla’s hair and of course she didn’t like that!

Shoes Bought at the baby group!

Sybilla in stripes!

After Coffee group we went to jumping beans, which is like baby gymboree they sing and the babies all play on the soft equipment. After the baby gym we went home and I talked to my mom on skype and Rebecca’s step mom came over and we had some tea and then Rebecca and I went on a long walk down by the harbor and I got some great pictures!

Don't let these wonderful Pictures fool you it is acctually very cool outside.

This is a Smart car by Mercadies and Swatch watch!
PS this is not my car although I think it is really Cute!

Now we are home and Sybilla is ready for bed and we are going to have dinner.
Oh yeah Tea is not only the drink but when you say lets have tea it means dinner too!
And Rebecca is a great cook It looks like we are having a pasta dish!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Day Three, Getting the Bus!!!!

Picture of where I am living.

Today was a proud day for me. Rebecca and I and Sybilla all caught the bus down town and we went to the appliance store where I bought a blow dryer and an electric tooth brush. After we bought the appliances we toured around and then we stopped in for some coffee and a scone which is very good. We then walked up the road a bit and went into some galleries and I got some flyers and some good ideas for paintings.
Rebecca showed me where to catch the bus and I went into a book store all by myself and when the guy that worked there asked me if I needed help I asked where the paints were and I bought the basics for painting on the canvases that are hanging in my room.

After I left the store I walked through Albert Park and took some pictures and some notes in my journal. SO far I love New Zealand it is so beautiful, today was a clear and crisp day. After the park I walked through a ton of stores where I just looked at all the prices and what they had to offer. I have decided that when I have a little extra money I might buy some boots, it seems they are all the rage. When I was done looking around I caught the bus home all by myself! I did, it I figured it out! At home I played with Sybilla for a little bit and now she is eating dinner.
Me all by myself in Albert Park
Skyline from Albert Park
Waiting at the bus stop!
Catching the bus all by my self!
Yard art I saw on the walk home
Some cute houses that are on the walk home
(Taken for my mom)
Looking up the Street one minute from where I live.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day two, Banking and shopping!

This morning I woke up early from the time change and made my customary oatmeal (it turns out that Peter eats oatmeal every morning too). Peter and Rebecca are very healthy every morning they make a fruit and vegetable drink in a juicer, I tried a little and it was very good.

Today we went Grocery shopping and I realized that they have pretty much all the same stuff that we do. Some stuff is more expensive like I saw my cheap mascara that is normally 4$ at home is 13$ here, but then on the other hand it is only .80 cents for a pound of apples.

After shopping we came home and had lunch and hung out and then we walked up the street a ways and I opened a checking account which was relatively simple. After that we walked to the library and I saw where the bus stop is and then we headed back to the house.
Smiling Sybilla on our way home from the library.
Looking down the street towards where we live.
Me in my where's waldo shirt and a glimps of what my hair looks like with no blow dryer

Saturday, May 24, 2008

First Day in New Zealand

Day One

I arrived in NZ at 5am on Sunday Morning. The first thing I did was walk to the wrong side of the car to get in hahhah. It will take me some time to get use to driving on the other side of the road; I constantly think people are about to crash. Sybilla is a very cute and easy going baby! After I unloaded everything into my room, we went to Sybilla’s swim class, she really seemed to love the water and the class looked like a lot of fun, some of the babies are completely fearless.

Here is a pic of Sybilla wearing the pink cap I knitted her.

She loved the shoes!

Everything fit in my closet too!!!

My Room, Isn't it great!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hello everyone my name is Shannon. I am 24 years old and I have lived all my life so far in Southern California. I graduated one year ago in 2007 from California State University Fullerton with my Bachelor of Fine art. Since then I have worked at a few odd jobs; Front desk clerk at a double tree hotel (which included a lot of standing), at a police equipment place (which involved a lot of data entry), and at the LA County Fair (do I need to explain this one?). All of these jobs did not interest me.

During the same time as I was working those jobs I was also working on my art career. For the past 6 years including this year I have drawn the portraits for the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion. I have a website that shows some of the portraits that I have done and some of my other works of art .

The reason for starting this blog is I am now leaving the country to start a new job and adventure! I am going to move to New Zealand for one year to be a nanny! During that year I will also have time to travel, work on art, and meet new people.Please join me in my adventure as I plan to write what I encounter (Culture Shock) hopefully daily but more likely weekly.

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