Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coffee Group and the Baby Gym

First Things First The dates on here are off today is acctually Wednesday the 28th!

So today I woke up early as usual and had my oatmeal. We did our normal morning routine accept this morning I was able to blow dry my hair with my new hair dryer yay!
Around 11am we took off to Rebecca’s Coffee group which is a group of women that all had babies at the same time. So there were about 6 mothers and 6 babies that were all there just to talk and have a snack. One of the babies was kinda aggressive and pulled Sybilla’s hair and of course she didn’t like that!

Shoes Bought at the baby group!

Sybilla in stripes!

After Coffee group we went to jumping beans, which is like baby gymboree they sing and the babies all play on the soft equipment. After the baby gym we went home and I talked to my mom on skype and Rebecca’s step mom came over and we had some tea and then Rebecca and I went on a long walk down by the harbor and I got some great pictures!

Don't let these wonderful Pictures fool you it is acctually very cool outside.

This is a Smart car by Mercadies and Swatch watch!
PS this is not my car although I think it is really Cute!

Now we are home and Sybilla is ready for bed and we are going to have dinner.
Oh yeah Tea is not only the drink but when you say lets have tea it means dinner too!
And Rebecca is a great cook It looks like we are having a pasta dish!


beeswax said...

Thank you for keeping such a detailed blog, I'm enjoying the pictures and the commentary. It looks like you've been doing a lot of walking, good exercise! Love ya, MOM.

Ed said...

I'm so happy for you. You'll have so many great stories just being abroad. I'm looking forward to reading your blog.

Secondly, you look really good. Did you color your hair? hubba hubba!

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