Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day Eight, Driving!!!

So last night Peter took me out to a bar where we watched the Rugby game. It was the Crusaders (The New Zealand team from Christ Church) against the Warratahs (from The new south Wales that is in Australia). The game was very exciting and the bar was packed! Everyone was Happy because the NZ team won yay!!! After the game we went to a different bar and I tried a NZ Margarita which was made in a martini glass and tasted a little different but still very good.

Today Rebecca and I went to the baby swim class and Sybilla got to swim with the other babies. She really loves swimming! When we got back home Peter and I took off and went driving. He drove us a little ways out of the city and then I started driving. We drove to a large mall where I got a mobile phone and to a fruit market where we stocked up on fruit and vegetables for the week.

It was a successful drive and I feel like I will be fine driving, and the more practice I get the better. When I have some extra time I will drive back to that mall and do some shopping.
Driving differences:
Signal = Indicator
Trunk = The boot
No left turn on a red light which for us would be no right turn on red.


beeswax said...

I love that you can put a video on your blog, so very cool! Shannon I'm impressed.

beeswax said...

All I have to say is you should check out my blog "beeswax" I've learned to put up video.... I'm dangerous!
Love, MOM

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