Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day Five! Western Park and Ponsonby Road!

The really large tree in the back yard!

So today Rebecca and I and Sybilla all went to a garden store where they had a small café and we met up with her friend Kate and her 3 year old son. We then came back to the house and I went on a long walk down Ponsonby Road. I walked through just about every store that was along the road until I got to Western Park.
This is one of the hilliest and largest parks I have seen. I thought well I will just quickly walk down the hill and back up. Well let’s just say going down was a lot easier then going back up.
The art supplies here are a lot more expensive then they are at home, but I think I have the basics to get started with some paintings. The weather here has been really nice but as soon as I get a little money saved up I am planning on buying some black boots because they seem to be all the rage, and I am going to buy some long sleeved wool under shirts because apparently it is going to be freezing soon.

Me in Western Park!

Western Park! This park is huge and really green!


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