Monday, May 26, 2008

Day Three, Getting the Bus!!!!

Picture of where I am living.

Today was a proud day for me. Rebecca and I and Sybilla all caught the bus down town and we went to the appliance store where I bought a blow dryer and an electric tooth brush. After we bought the appliances we toured around and then we stopped in for some coffee and a scone which is very good. We then walked up the road a bit and went into some galleries and I got some flyers and some good ideas for paintings.
Rebecca showed me where to catch the bus and I went into a book store all by myself and when the guy that worked there asked me if I needed help I asked where the paints were and I bought the basics for painting on the canvases that are hanging in my room.

After I left the store I walked through Albert Park and took some pictures and some notes in my journal. SO far I love New Zealand it is so beautiful, today was a clear and crisp day. After the park I walked through a ton of stores where I just looked at all the prices and what they had to offer. I have decided that when I have a little extra money I might buy some boots, it seems they are all the rage. When I was done looking around I caught the bus home all by myself! I did, it I figured it out! At home I played with Sybilla for a little bit and now she is eating dinner.
Me all by myself in Albert Park
Skyline from Albert Park
Waiting at the bus stop!
Catching the bus all by my self!
Yard art I saw on the walk home
Some cute houses that are on the walk home
(Taken for my mom)
Looking up the Street one minute from where I live.


beeswax said...

You're Gonna Make It After All!
You remind me of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. My bus-taking little girl. I can't wait to see the first piece of art, from down-unda.
Love, MOM

Lacey said...

Hey Shannon! Looks like you're having a great time exploring things over there. I love checking in and seeing all the updates!

Anonymous said...

Hey, WAIT A MINUTE!! Back up Bucko, isn't a "SCONE" a carbohydrate? God Bless Ya, I know you faught tooth and nail not to let that hunk 'O hunk of burning backery goods touch those intestines. Keep fighten girl your Mom and I will craft some kind of legal device that can be welded on to a tooth filling or cap (you won't have to take it out at night)and it will jet that cheek right out there, and it will look just like your eatin or "chewin" (tobacco) all the time. Once you got that workin for ya, you can gracefully accept the CARBO, dump it discreetly down the drain line you insert down your pant leg (it will eject out the back) and let the Lardo-Carbo machine do its magic. We've already got it designed I'm just waiten for your Ma to bring ober the baling wire.
Love Auntie Leah

p.s. are you alergic to rubber cement or staples (the good quality staples)?

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