Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hello everyone my name is Shannon. I am 24 years old and I have lived all my life so far in Southern California. I graduated one year ago in 2007 from California State University Fullerton with my Bachelor of Fine art. Since then I have worked at a few odd jobs; Front desk clerk at a double tree hotel (which included a lot of standing), at a police equipment place (which involved a lot of data entry), and at the LA County Fair (do I need to explain this one?). All of these jobs did not interest me.

During the same time as I was working those jobs I was also working on my art career. For the past 6 years including this year I have drawn the portraits for the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion. I have a website that shows some of the portraits that I have done and some of my other works of art .

The reason for starting this blog is I am now leaving the country to start a new job and adventure! I am going to move to New Zealand for one year to be a nanny! During that year I will also have time to travel, work on art, and meet new people.Please join me in my adventure as I plan to write what I encounter (Culture Shock) hopefully daily but more likely weekly.


Teresa Long said...

Hey Shannon, great blog. We here in the hood have been so anxious to hear how you are doing.

I kept your mom busy today while Dad watched the Indy 500.

Love you girl, Teresa

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