Sunday, June 29, 2008

Driving with no GPS!

Today was the most clear crisp day I have seen! I had originally planned to stay home and do some art work, but because it was so nice outside I thought that there was no way I would be able to stay inside. I decided that I would go for a walk in the opposite direction from where I normally walk. So I ended up walking to Cox Bay, and instead of stopping like I did the last time I crossed the street and it turns out that there is a giant Reserve (Park) called Cox Reserve. This park had a lot of trails and places to walk, so I walked around for about 30minutes, but then got bored so I headed back home.

Me in the Park it was windy and cold!

Cox Reserve

Cox Reserve

By the time I made it home it was only noon, so I thought I have to find something else to do! I decided that I would drive over the bridge to Takapuna and Deonport, without using the GPS (of course I brought it with me just in case I got lost). Guess what? I never had to use the GPS! YAY! I drove to Devonport first, this town has a lot of really cute shops and I even found a gallery to look around in, then I drove to Takapuna where there is beach access and more cute shops. Driving home was no problem, I only had to make about 3 u-turns because I kept missing the street I needed to turn on but after that it was smooth sailing!





Saturday, June 28, 2008

Swim and a Park!

Today Peter and I were in charge of Sybilla! We went to the swim class, we went grocery shopping, and later in the day we went to Cornwall Park and saw one tree hill. Soon I am leaving to go out to dinner on a date with Grant. Today was a lot of fun and we did a lot of stuff that we needed to do!

Swim class!

In the pool

Class in action!

Crawl in the mat!

One tree hill


Peter and Sybilla


Ready to for out to dinner!



Alina (from Russia) Grant's Roommate

Matt (Grants other Roommate)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Rain on and off!

Last night I went out on a date and we ended up going to the Empire where they have a live band and then from there we went to a club where they had another live band. Danced and drank beer pretty much had a great time all around.
This picture below is what I actually ended up wearing out on the date!

Below is during the day today it rained on and off all day!

Around 6pm Garth, Andrea, Lucinda, and her boyfriend all came by to say hi and have a drink before they took off for a friends 21st B-day.

Garth and Andrea

Boyfriend, Lucinda, and Peter

Me and Lucinda.
I didn't get to stay and chat long because at 630 I had signed up to babysit for a parent in need. I Just got home from babysitting, it was for three kids but thankfully they were all asleep so all I had to do was drive there and sit and read my book (tough job!!!!).

Baby Sitting

Today I watched Sybilla all day and it rained all day. We were able to walk up to town really quickly without getting too wet, but besides that we have been in the house all day. It is now 9:47pm and Sybilla is asleep and I just got ready to go out and party hahaha. I am babysitting until Peter and Rebbecca come home from the event they went to.
Here is a picture of me at the computer taken about ten minutes ago, I don't have any idea what I am going to end up doing tonight but if its interesting I will let everyone know!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Parnell Road and a Museum

Last night My friend picked me up and we went out to dinner on a date. It was pouring rain and we ended up going to an Italian place, very good food, we had the bbq chicken pizza and some wine.
This morning around 11am I left the house on an adventure for my day off. I walked up the street and caught the link bus (only costs $1.60 to ride) and took that to Parnell road, about a 15 minute ride!
Once I was on Parnell I started to walk along and check out all the galleries. I went into the Aesthete Gallery and the guy in charge Pierre and I started talking. Very interesting nice guy and I actually gave him one of my business cards and he said that he would check out my website. The galleries website is . After Parnell I continued walking and came up (as planned) to the Auckland Museum.
I paid the 5 dollars that is technically a donation and started to walk through the museum! Little did I know that you can spend literally all day if you wanted to touring through this museum, it is huge, three floors, and tons of rooms.
Sad to say but after about 2 hours I started to feel sick, I think it was just an overload of information, but I did make it through all 3 floors just not as thoroughly as I thought I should. After the museum I trudged on and walked through some stores in New Market, and then finally came to the bus which I was more then relieved to see, because at that point my feet were killing me! I made it home about 5pm, and I am not going out tonight as far as I know right now because I work tomorrow and I need to be ready to take on the day!

huge trees along the walk to the museum

the dot on the horizon between the 2 houses is where we live.

garden outside the museum

stormy day

me in forceful winds

weird birds hanging in museum

out window of museum

me in the wind!

Parnell road

some kids playing in the field and an example of how windy it is.
parts of the museum were weird like this example of a teenagers room from like 10 years ago.
it was sort of like looking back at what my room looked like, I think I had that exact poster of Prince William.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jumping Beans!

So today I watched Sybilla we went to jumping beans and the cleaning people were here so it was a mad dash to get lunch done and get to the class on time! After we finished lunch and she was in the stroller we only had 10 min to get there, so I did what anyone would do, I ran the whole way! I probably looked crazy but we were only about 3 minutes late and I was saved anyhow because the class before us went overtime.
After Jumping beans we walked back and Lucinda (a family friend who is 20 years old and in town for a week) stopped by and we had a really nice conversation. The last time I had seen her I was 11 and she was 7 and we were in Paris, so there was a lot to catch up on. She said that maybe on Sunday her family and me and Rebecca and Peter could all get together and have dinner.
I am going out to dinner on a date with a friend tonight so I am trying to find something to wear, that looks good and stylish but that is actually warm at the same time, because it is pretty cool outside today (and unfortunately it just started raining so I can kiss a good hair night good bye). Rebecca said that I should just suggest that he takes me to a warm place to eat (which is a brilliant idea). Tomorrow I will let everyone know how it goes!
I miss everyone at home! Hope everyone is doing well!

working and a storm!

Today I watched Sybilla and it rained. Because of the rain we didn't get to do much outside except fortunately the rain did stop for about 30 minutes and we were able to go on a quick walk.
Rebbecca got home early again from work so I was done with work around 5pm.
The storm was pretty fierce compared to the storms we have at home! It was not only Rainy but very windy and it actually hailed 2 different times.
Tomorrow Sybilla has Jumping beans and we are going to meet a friend, Lucinda for lunch too! Another exciting thing that happened I was asked out on another dinner date for tomorrow night which is great because I have the next day Thursday off!!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


So it was exactly one month ago that I boarded the plane to leave CA and live in NZ. A lot has changed since that first day. I am not really home sick anymore, which is really good! I miss my family but since I now know how to drive, and have met a few people my age, and have been working it is a lot easier. My next goal is to of course meet more people, but also to start exploring my surroundings on my days off and to start working on some more art!

Today I went shopping at the outlet stores about 20 minutes away (but of course when I am driving its more like 45 min). I was able to get everything I wanted! I got some skinny leg jeans, water color paper, a belt, and a few other odds and ends.

In the afternoon Rebbecca and I went grocery shopping and stocked the kitchen up with food for the week. Rebbecca's dad also stopped by and we had some coffee and a nice conversation. Since I didn't really do anything that I felt I needed a picture of I decided to take some cute pictures of Sybilla. This is after her bath right before she went to bed.

she holds her own bottle now!

she can pull her self up!

she stands on her own (holding on to something of course)

She is a happy baby!
Hopefully Tomorrow Sybilla and I will have some great adventures to share with everyone!
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