Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Day Twelve

View when I went jogging

View from other side after jogging

Today I woke up and around nine am I took off for a short jog slash fast walk. It only takes about 10 minutes to walk down to the harbor ( I thought it would take longer) and 10 minutes back but it was a good short work out because it is all up hill jogging slash walking back home.

Rebecca was picking up her mom Deb from the airport so I decided that today would be my day to DRIVE all by my self!!!! I still needed a lot of storage type stuff for my room so I decided to take off to the nearest large mall.

All I have to say is HOLY SHIT!!!!!

It’s not driving on the wrong side of the road that had me confused it’s the fact that nothing is familiar and I had no clue how to get where I wanted to go accept for the GPS System. It goes something like this the GPS system talks to you and it says stay to the right and go left. Now does anyone else think that sounds confusing? Well first thing I do is miss my exit so I then drive in the wrong direction (but on the correct side of the road) for about 10 minutes till I can finally exit and turn down a side road and restart the GPS System. By this time I had encountered my first round about where I just decided to stop after almost crashing into an Asian man (he probably thought to himself stupid white girl).
Thankfully I made it to the mall where I found everything I wanted minus a table and I entered my home location into the GPS system and I followed what the woman said to a T and I made it home safely THANK GOD!!!!!!!

my room after I moved some stuff around

My Closet after I bought those drawers

me driving! Don't worry I am at a stop!


beeswax said...

YaaY, you made it on your first driving outing alone. Great pictures and video. I love reading your blog. Favorite blog phrase so far "All I have to say is HOLY SHIT!!!
I knew you could do it, thank God for GPS.
I Love You, MOM

Lacey said...

that is crazy you're already driving on your own!

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