Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dating in NZ!

So Today started like any other day with oatmeal and a long walk accept today was colder then it has been and today ended with a date.

This afternoon I was in charge of Sybilla, we went to one of her classes called jumping bean. Its where all the moms and babies get together and sing songs and the babies play on all sorts of padded equipment. After the class we walked back home and she took a nap.

Around 630pm my date that I met on Saturday night came and picked me up. We went out to dinner and took a scenic drive (I think he got a little lost) but we ended up playing pool at the bar where we met. It was a great night, he is a really nice guy. After pool he dropped me off at home. Hopefully we can go out again some time.

I better get to sleep now because all day tomorrow I am on nanny duty! My first full day, how exciting!


beeswax said...

Sha-nanny, good luck on your first full day of child care. You'll be a great nanny. I'm glad your date went well, that's always nice. I can't wait to hear how this day goes.
Love, MOM

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