Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 14!!!

This morning I, Sybilla, Rebecca, and her mom all went to a French Market place (like a farmers market) where they had all kinds of beautiful deserts and breads. Of course not knowing this I had already eaten but it was still delicious to be able to smell all the great food. We did stop and have a coffee in one of the cafĂ©’s in the center where I attempted to order a coffee like we have in the us, but it just wasn’t the same. Here the cups of coffee are very small and they always have the milk all frothy in it. I like my coffee just plain black where I add the milk myself, but here no matter how I explain it, well it’s a lost cause.
After the market I went for a quick walk through the nearest park, its weird I am not sure if its because it is windy or because it is sunny or what but there was not one other person in the entire park, so of course I got creeped out and walked back home.
In the afternoon I took a nap then we went to Kath’s house, she is one of Rebecca’s friends with a 2 year old son Hamish. Hopefully tonight will be something fun!

view from the park

me in the park

the creepy empty park!
Around 7pm Peter and I went to a local bar where we watched the Rugby game! The All Blacks won yay! Then we continued to bar hop along the way so I could see some of the night life. We didn't get home till about 1am and that is when we finally had dinner, we attemped to eat out but by the time we tried to order anything to eat everything was closed. Next weekend Peter is taking me to the acctual live game and he said they have really good seats, I can't wait it is going to be sooo exciting!


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