Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day 16 getting wireless!

yay today we got wireless Internet! Thank god now I can go on the Internet in my room and talk to my family in private Hooray!!!!
As for today's adventure, well there isn't much to report. I went for a walk, we all went to a kid fun zone with Sybilla and met some other mothers that are friends of Rebecca there, and I babysat for a short amount of time while Rebecca and her mother went to the grocery store.
Today was kind of a hard day for me, I got a little sad and felt a little lost. I know there is going to be a period of time where I will have to adjust to my new surroundings and I am trying to deal with that in a positive way although it is hard.
Tomorrow is a new day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,

Today I caught up on your blogs after just getting home yesterday from Missouri. It is nice to stay in contact with you by hearing what you are doing everyday, but I know the reality is setting in a bit with your "sad" day. I'm sure Mom is feeling the same.

Beckie had her last day at work last week and is getting ready to start packing right along side of me, as we go our different directions. Tom is having his surgery on Thursday so while he convalesces (sp?) I will be packing my "too much stuff"! I'm still wondering how your Mom is going to manage lifting my piano into the moving truck. Oh well, I'll leave that up to her great ingenuity!

The whole week in Missouri I attempted to whew some older type construction workers in hopes of gaining access to their abundant cliffs of "Table Rock" so Chuck and I could erect steps in our front yard. Well as it turns out all the "whewing" came in the form of bar-b-qued chicken, potato salad, rolls etc. for lunch and a couple of 6-packs of beer the next day in trade for the Table Rock. But the bottom line is.... I got the rock I needed. The unexpected bonus was the bruising from knees to crotch after carrying 30-40-50 pound rocks against my body to the trailer to cart home. Looked like Chuck beat me in the night.

Keep writing Shannon, we think about you and look forward to hearing about your day(s). I know you'll meet some friends along the way. And in case I haven't mentioned to you... you've become really quite "stunning" these last couple years, very attractive.

Hey by the way, any food your'e finding yourself missing?

Love Auntie Leah

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