Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 17! Hike Supplies!

Yesterday I went on the internet and found a local hiking group and turns out that on Wednesday they are going for a day hike, so I called the guy in charge and he said yep just show up and its 10 dollars and I guess the hike goes for 5 hours! After I talked to the hike leader we went to the outlet mall. I didn’t get much because I don’t really need much. When we got back home I thought it would be a good idea to drive by the meeting place so I am not lost tomorrow when I go to find it. I found the meetings place no problem and I also found K mart where I bought some water and a flash light because it turns out that there are actually certain items that you have to take hiking with you!
Here is the list:

  • Day-pack with plastic liner

  • Parka

  • Fleece or wool jumper

  • Torch (flash light I am guessing)

  • Spare Batteries

  • Lunch

  • Water, at least 1 litre

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunhat, warm hat

  • Toilet paper

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Change of clothing and shoes (can be left in the bus or car) including a plastic bag for your dirty boots

  • Wear boots or stout shoes, shorts (not jeans), polypro, shirt (layers according to weather).

Thankfully I have almost all this stuff sounds like a lot to carry!
Anyways tonight we are going to the movies to see Sex and the City! I can’t wait!
So I don’t have many pictures today but hopefully by tomorrow I will.
Plan “MEETING NEW PEOPLE” will start tomorrow! Wish me luck!


Lacey said...

Hey Shannon, hope you have fun on your hike! You look like a freakin stick!!

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