Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 19! Just Average!

Sorry no pictures today. I would categorize today under normal or average. This morning Rebecca took her mom to the airport to fly home and I stayed home and looked after Sybilla.

She was taking a nap for the majority of the time I was watching her but as soon as she woke up I put her in the stroller and we walked to the library where I got some maps, then to the post office so I could send a letter, then all the way down to Subway for me to get a sandwich to go. The lady at the post office said that the subway wasn’t really that far down the road, well come to find out it was, I actually jogged part of the way back because I thought that Sybilla was probably getting hungry by that point. When we got back Rebecca was back so we all had lunch and the rest of my night was spent reading, knitting, dinner, and watching TV.

Tomorrow and the weekend will be a lot more eventful so stay tuned!
What to expect: shopping coffee group, live Rugby game, and possible hike!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss everyone!
Here is a good idea! Since today was boring! Here are a few messages for everyone:
Mom-Haven't talked to you in a long time hahaha hope you stay cool in your shorts and tank top.
Dad- Fathers day is coming up, I am sure you have something planned like fishing or a big race.
Carol- Hows the face?
Rondi-There is a chocolate shop here only a short walk up the street you would love it!
Lacey- Are you ready to get that baby out of there yet?
Kristen- 20 you are sooo old god! what is it like to be that old!hahahha
Amanda- how is the pole? and how was the party?
Andrea- Don't work too hard!
Leah- they have crumpits they are sorta like a small pancake but more fluffy and only about 50cal and you can toast them and put some honey on them. I am pretty sure we don't have that in the US, and we should!
Anyone who I missed sorry charlie hahaha next time.


beeswax said...

You are so funny! I laughed my ass off at the comments to the friends. I'm entertained every morning while reading your blog.
To everyone who reads Shannon's blogs, please take a minute to write to her. She misses us all.
Love, MOM - Kathy

Lacey said...

Hey Shannon. Well I am ready to get him out, but I think he wants to stick in there for a little while longer ahah. The shower is next weekend and I will post some pictures so you can see everyone! I wanna try a crumpet! sounds yummy

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