Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 23! Painting and Rain!

Today I walked in the pouring rain to get some copies of my house keys. In New Zealand you can't stay inside just because it is raining, because it rains on and off all the time. Thank goodness I have a rain coat.

Sybilla loves balloons!

Through out the day I worked on my painting and I think I am pretty much done but it is kinda plain (I just don't know what else to add).

Around 3pm we went to the grocery store and stocked up the kitchen for the week, and I got a text from the other guy that I met on Saturday and we are going to go out on Thursday! Unbelievable, starting on Wednesday this is going to be a busy week.


beeswax said...

I love the painting! Kinda different. I say we should start the online bidding, to own the first piece of art created by Shannon in New Zealand. I'll give you $50 (USD) for it.
Love, MOM

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