Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day Nine! Queen's b-day!

Today is day nine! And it’s the Queen’s B-day!
This morning we went to the Grocery store and I learned that a shopping kart is called a trolley and where you return it is called a trundler. In the afternoon Rebecca’s Friend Jo came over with her two daughters Ashleigh (12) and Keely (9) and the three of us played the game clue and then all of us went for a really nice walk down to the harbor. This week is my week of training so today I learned how to make Sybilla’s bottle and tomorrow I will learn how she gives her a bath.

NZ Yacht from the America's cup


Ashleigh, Keely, Me, Rebecca, Sybilla

Tonight we are having Lamb for dinner so I am excited to try it because my only other experience with it wasn’t so great. But Rebecca is such a good cook that I am sure I will love it!


Lacey said...

Hey Shannon! I made a blog too ahha, you inspired me with all your cool posts. Looks like everyday is an adventure, good luck with the driving!

Betty said...

Hey - what a great blog. It looks like you are really getting around and getting in lots of walking. Your Mom and I are still working out at the gym. We are getting really buff!!

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