Sunday, June 8, 2008

Driving on day 15!

I started my day off with a walk this morning to the local book store and bought some water colors and an art magazine then instead of using the stuff I bought I just read the book I had already started reading (Eat Pray Love). Around 2pm Peter went driving with me. I drove us out to his friend’s house where we dropped off some movies and books (his friend just had knee surgery so he can’t do much) then I drove us to a lot of really beautiful beaches. We parked and walked down to the shore at a few different places, which was very nice. But what ever you do don’t let the pictures fool you it is and was absolutely freezing! There is a wicked breeze that seems to penetrate all clothing! I drove us over the bridge and Peter got some good video footage of my wondrous driving!

Takapuna Beach

Milford Beach

me with city in the back


beeswax said...

Peter is a brave man! It sounds like you're having all kinds of fun. Good for you.
Love, MOM

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