Friday, June 6, 2008

just an ordinary day!

Today was very uneventful, I (by myself) went for a long morning walk by the water in a housing track that I hadn’t been in yet, and I went to coffee with Rebecca’s mom, and I painted. So because there is not much to show in terms of pictures I have taken a picture of my work in progress and I have taken a short video of my improved room (thanks to the storage items I purchased yesterday).
(in progress)
It’s funny because it is Friday night at 6pm and I just took a shower, but because it gets dark here so early it feels as if its 10pm. I sort of feel like going to a bar and just sitting there to try to meet some young people, just a thought probably won’t happen. But you never know maybe tomorrow!
PS have fun in Vegas mom!

my room

room from the doorway

my bathroom


beeswax said...

You know me and bathrooms... thanks for showing it.
I will have fun in Las Vegas, thank you. Take a cab, go to the bar, have a fun time. You'll be glad you did.
Love, MOM

Andrea said...

Your room and bathroom look amazing!! I cant wait to come visit!! The decoration looks great. Miss you.

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