Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A long walk with no purpose!

Today is Day Eleven!!!!
The day started out how it always does with breakfast and getting ready but then for the first time I watched Sybilla by myself, granted it was only for about 3 hours and one of those hours she was sleeping but I watched her by myself. When Rebecca got back from her facial we walked to Sybilla's play class and then I took off on an adventure.

Looking down the road on my walk!

Cool Statue I saw!

I walked all the way up the road Ponsonby till it ended then I turned down Upper Queens street and even though I had really no idea where it went I could see I was headed into down town. Thankfully I was right! I ended up walking all the way down to the harbor where I walked through some shops and had a good look around. I then was so tired and hungry I caught the bus back home. I figured it all out by myself with no map, so when I finally found a map I looked at the route I took and saw I had walked about 4 miles, no wonder I was tired!

Down Town

At the Harbor


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