Thursday, June 19, 2008

nanny full time!!!

Today went really well, being the first full day of watching Sybilla. We did her normal routine and during the play time we went on a log walk, for exercise for me and she also likes the fun ride. Rebbecca got home earlier then she normally will so my nanny duties ended slightly earlier today then when I have to work a full day.

My main problem right now is staying awake hahaha! I am all ready and I have a date planned with Grant tonight for 830pm and it is only 730pm now and I am literally falling asleep! I was reading and dosing off so I switched to looking on the internet but nothing seems to be helping. I guess I should have taken a nap! So it is late like 1am and I just got back! Yikes my day starts early tomorrow but, I had a great time tonight! The date came and picked me up around 830 and he took me to a near by bar where we had a few drinks and talked about life. He actually invited me to a party that is happening tomorrow. I think it sounds like a lot of fun and hopefully I will meet some more people that way too!
This is what I looked like going out.
Sorry I don’t have any pictures but hopefully by tomorrow I will have something new and exciting to take some pics of!!!


beeswax said...

You look so cute, are those lipsticks or bullets on your top??
Who does your hair, Supercuts; I like it.
Love, MOM

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