Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A nice long walk!

A house along my walk.
This morning it was not raining so I thought I would take advantage of that and go for a long walk. I walked from our place along a lot of really neat old houses till I came to a walk way that led me down to cox bay.


more flowers

Cox Bay

Cox Bay

Even more Flowers

Path down to Cox Bay!
Later in the day Rebbecca and I had to take Sybilla to get a mandatory shot and then the rest of the day I painted and read my book.

I also gave Sybilla her bath and put her to bed tonight because starting on this Thursday I will need to know how to do all this stuff.


beeswax said...

I love the pictures and video, it reminds me of Maui, only in grey.
I don't hear any accent yet. The fruit tree in the yard looks like lemons or oranges. Do those grow there?
Love, MOM

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