Thursday, June 26, 2008

Parnell Road and a Museum

Last night My friend picked me up and we went out to dinner on a date. It was pouring rain and we ended up going to an Italian place, very good food, we had the bbq chicken pizza and some wine.
This morning around 11am I left the house on an adventure for my day off. I walked up the street and caught the link bus (only costs $1.60 to ride) and took that to Parnell road, about a 15 minute ride!
Once I was on Parnell I started to walk along and check out all the galleries. I went into the Aesthete Gallery and the guy in charge Pierre and I started talking. Very interesting nice guy and I actually gave him one of my business cards and he said that he would check out my website. The galleries website is . After Parnell I continued walking and came up (as planned) to the Auckland Museum.
I paid the 5 dollars that is technically a donation and started to walk through the museum! Little did I know that you can spend literally all day if you wanted to touring through this museum, it is huge, three floors, and tons of rooms.
Sad to say but after about 2 hours I started to feel sick, I think it was just an overload of information, but I did make it through all 3 floors just not as thoroughly as I thought I should. After the museum I trudged on and walked through some stores in New Market, and then finally came to the bus which I was more then relieved to see, because at that point my feet were killing me! I made it home about 5pm, and I am not going out tonight as far as I know right now because I work tomorrow and I need to be ready to take on the day!

huge trees along the walk to the museum

the dot on the horizon between the 2 houses is where we live.

garden outside the museum

stormy day

me in forceful winds

weird birds hanging in museum

out window of museum

me in the wind!

Parnell road

some kids playing in the field and an example of how windy it is.
parts of the museum were weird like this example of a teenagers room from like 10 years ago.
it was sort of like looking back at what my room looked like, I think I had that exact poster of Prince William.


beeswax said...

You are quite the adventurer. I'm proud of you, going out on your own and exploring. Even taking the bus.... good going.
I have to say, Shannon, I'm hearing a little Kiwi starting in your speech. A little accent.
Have a fun evening.
Love, MOM

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