Friday, June 27, 2008

Rain on and off!

Last night I went out on a date and we ended up going to the Empire where they have a live band and then from there we went to a club where they had another live band. Danced and drank beer pretty much had a great time all around.
This picture below is what I actually ended up wearing out on the date!

Below is during the day today it rained on and off all day!

Around 6pm Garth, Andrea, Lucinda, and her boyfriend all came by to say hi and have a drink before they took off for a friends 21st B-day.

Garth and Andrea

Boyfriend, Lucinda, and Peter

Me and Lucinda.
I didn't get to stay and chat long because at 630 I had signed up to babysit for a parent in need. I Just got home from babysitting, it was for three kids but thankfully they were all asleep so all I had to do was drive there and sit and read my book (tough job!!!!).


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