Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rugby Game!!!!! Day 21!

at the Rugby game look how close we are

2 pics of me for good measure

The all blacks team

Obviously it is a joke to think that I might have gone on a hike today!
So last night Peter took me to the Rugby game it was so much fun!!!
First we met his Friends for dinner at a restaurant right up the street called Jervios Steak house and I of course had the Tuna hahahha. I met the famous Murry that everyone has told me about and he seems like a great guy very funny!

Then it was off to the Rugby Game! Peter has great seats really close to all the players. The game was very entertaining and of course we won so that was a major plus too. The most interesting thing to me during the game was the wave. The crowd started the wave and it went around about 4 full times and when a part of the crowd didn’t do the wave they got booed. It was soo much fun! After the game we went to a club house event and we all had a few beers and bought some raffle tickets and sat around and talked.

After the club house Peter and I caught a cab towards home and we stopped off at a local club where they had a local live band. The club was really jam packed we stood at a table and listened to the music and sorta danced. By the end of the evening I got 2 guys phone numbers but I know how drunk I was and if they were half as drunk as me they probably don’t even remember. After the club Peter and I walked home that is apparently where we stopped to take pictures that I don’t even remember.

All in all it was a great time and I would love to do it again!!!!!

ps it is now 12:45 in the afternoon and Ben a guy from last night just text me! that is cool now if I could only remember what he looks like!

The award pictured at the club after party!

This was at the end of our night. I think Peter is saying what in the world is going on? I know that is what I am thinking this morning?

So I just talked to Peter this afternoon and he informed me that we walked all the way home and that it was all up hill and it was my idea to walk. He also informed me that we had to stop and have a rest half way home because I was so tired and that the pictures at the very end of the night were also my idea hahhahha. He is a patient man!


beeswax said...

It sounds like you had quite an evening. Very nice of Peter to take you around. Cool that you met some guys, you can take them tramping with you.
Love, MOM

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