Sunday, June 22, 2008


So it was exactly one month ago that I boarded the plane to leave CA and live in NZ. A lot has changed since that first day. I am not really home sick anymore, which is really good! I miss my family but since I now know how to drive, and have met a few people my age, and have been working it is a lot easier. My next goal is to of course meet more people, but also to start exploring my surroundings on my days off and to start working on some more art!

Today I went shopping at the outlet stores about 20 minutes away (but of course when I am driving its more like 45 min). I was able to get everything I wanted! I got some skinny leg jeans, water color paper, a belt, and a few other odds and ends.

In the afternoon Rebbecca and I went grocery shopping and stocked the kitchen up with food for the week. Rebbecca's dad also stopped by and we had some coffee and a nice conversation. Since I didn't really do anything that I felt I needed a picture of I decided to take some cute pictures of Sybilla. This is after her bath right before she went to bed.

she holds her own bottle now!

she can pull her self up!

she stands on her own (holding on to something of course)

She is a happy baby!
Hopefully Tomorrow Sybilla and I will have some great adventures to share with everyone!


beeswax said...

Hi Shannon,
Sybilla is so cute, she reminds me of Sweet-Pea from Popeye with the gown she's wearing.
Have a nice day.
Love you and miss you, MOM

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