Thursday, June 12, 2008

slight car damage! but not because of my driving!

Day 20 and Friday the 13th!
This morning I woke up on a mission! I decided that I would drive to Sylvia Park the large shopping mall once again and I would find what I needed to become a better hiker. I found everything I needed minus a waterproof coat and that wasn’t because I didn’t find it but rather because it was too expensive.
Stuff I bought (all needed):
PJ’s I only came with one pair
Hiking boots
Paper towels (for art)
Socks (you can never have to many)
Water proof shorts for the hiking
These water proof things that go over your boots
A can of soup (for lunch later)
A few snacks for my hikes and some more fruit and yogurt

So as you can see I need to stop buying stuff but I don’t really know anyone and it gives me something to do and also everything I bought I actually needed minus the boots (but that I wanted).

On the way to the mall is when the first unfortunate situation happened. I was driving along happy go lucky when all of a sudden I hear a huge thump and before I can think what was that? there is a huge round crack in the window right in front of my face. If you are to take your pointer finger and your thumb and form a circle with them that is the size of this crack. So the first thing that came to my mind was holy crap of all things to happen and the second thing was to call a friend and say you will never believe what just happened, but not having any friends I just went to the store and carried on with my mission.

The Second unfortunate situation happened right in front of where we live. I drove all the way home only making one wrong turn and I was quite proud of myself until I pull along the road to park and apparently I was too close to the curb and I hear a loud scrape noise and didn’t think much of it until I get out of the car and walk around and guess what I see? My hub cap ripped off the tire!!! I just looked at it for a while thinking now what am I going to tell the kind people I live with? Sorry I have been driving only one week and the car is rapidly being torn apart.
Rebecca seemed to be understanding but she thinks we will have to do something about the window.

Walk to coffee group just down the street but still wish I hadn't wore heels.

Almost home from coffee group it got cold on the way home.

Sleepy Sybilla on walk home from coffee group.

After this whole episode Me Rebecca and Sybilla all walked to the local coffee group where we met at Clair and Millie’s house and saw all the other mothers and children.
Tonight Peter and Rebecca are having date night so they are going out to dinner soon and I will stay home and watch Sybilla, she is sleeping now so hopefully she doesn’t wake up while they are gone. I am a little nervous to tell Peter about all the car damage but hopefully he will understand.


Andrea said...

OMG!! I bet you felt soo bad! Well accidents happen...Im sure they were not mad. So how often are yougoing to be hiking? Every week? NZ looks so beautiful..I cant wait to visit.


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