Saturday, June 28, 2008

Swim and a Park!

Today Peter and I were in charge of Sybilla! We went to the swim class, we went grocery shopping, and later in the day we went to Cornwall Park and saw one tree hill. Soon I am leaving to go out to dinner on a date with Grant. Today was a lot of fun and we did a lot of stuff that we needed to do!

Swim class!

In the pool

Class in action!

Crawl in the mat!

One tree hill


Peter and Sybilla


Ready to for out to dinner!



Alina (from Russia) Grant's Roommate

Matt (Grants other Roommate)


beeswax said...

Aren't you just the little model. Cute top! It looks like fun in the pool. Is that a place you can go to do laps sometime? Love, MOM

Lacey said...

Ok I have to teach my baby to swim when he is old enough, that looks so fun!

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