Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tramping across NZ!!!!!!!

Last night we went and saw the Sex and the City movie! It was great really entertaining I miss the tv show! Today was Hike day!
I woke up packed my bag went by the gas station and bought a granola bar and headed to the meeting location (the one I had previously found). I showed up and just as I suspected I was in good company with about 30 other hikers all above the age 50. I love older people I sometimes feel like I can relate to them better then young people. The bus was large with 3 rows of seats and some over head storage, aparently for over night trips the seats can convert into a flat bed where it can sleep about 19 people.

All the hikers were all very nice and interesting; I sat next to 3 really nice people Joe, Karen, and Barry. Joe befriended me and while on the hike he pointed out key plants that are indigenous to NZ and he found me a walking stick (which really came in handy).

(I am wearing a wool long sleeve shirt over one of those undershirts that are suppose to keep you warm. I also did not take this picture it is very overexposed I am really not that white!)

I was slightly unprepared I only had tennis shoes and everyone else had hiking boots and I had pants on and everyone else wore shorts. Come to find out that the shorts are good because it is extremely muddy. It wasn’t 10 min into the hike and I slipped and thank god caught myself with my hand because if not it would have been my ass covered in mud! Joe was kind enough to advise me not to step on the roots that were sticking out everywhere because they are very slippery.

The hike was a lot harder then I thought it would be and these people were amazing they had no problem keeping up the pace.
At the end of the hike everyone takes off there muddy shoes and puts them in a bag, so thankfully when I read what to bring I actually brought it all.
I can’t wait to go again! The hike was beautiful and I really had no idea how much vegetation is in New Zealand, it reminded me of Hawaii but about 1 million times thicker.
PS Hikers are called Trampers (So I will be tramping all across New Zealand)

This was the road between the 2 trails. It turned out to be an 8 mile hike!

Before we started the hike just after we got there.

During the hike

Lunch time


beeswax said...

My cute little tramper! Tramping across New Zealand. I'm so happy that you had a fun time. It looks like a jungle out there.

What a great way to see the country. Now you need to get some hiking boots.
I love you, MOM

Lacey said...

That is awesome. It reminds me of the hike we did in Oahu. Keep on tramping ahah

ywags said...

Shannon, what fun.
We love your blog. We are on the adventure with you.
Yvonne & Ron

Andrea said...

Awesome! Looks like so much fun. It really doesnt seem too cold...are you surviving the winter?

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