Saturday, July 26, 2008

An Awesome night!!!!

Last night, Saturday, we all caught a cab to Albany where we drank and watched the rugby game. We got there around 9pm and I think around 1am they finally told us that they were no longer going to serve us because we were too drunk! They do that a lot here, come to find out that its not that you are necessarily too drunk but that if one person in your group is to drunk they won't serve any of you because they want you to leave. Don't worry I wasn't the person who was too drunk and I think it had more to do with us being too wild.

grant, matt, and mike

Alina and me

so after we got kicked out we went next door where they were happy to serve us hahahha and they had karaoke and if you watch the video you might see why they stopped serving us at the last place.

All in all we had a great time!!!!!!


beeswax said...

Wow-- looks like you all had quite a night. So did we. Ha Ha.
Love, MOM

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