Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The First of July!

Today I watched Sybilla! We went for a long walk up Ponsonby Road and all through Western park! I need to keep in mind for the future going down hill is much easier then going up hill, for some reason I always tend to forget this common fact.

Sybilla did great during the walk, but once we got home she didn't eat much lunch, and she seemed really tired so when she went down for an early nap I decided to highlight my hair. I think the stress of not knowing when she would wake up and that I might run out of time made me feel rushed and when I had some of the dye on my hair a big chunk of my hair fell down straight into my eye! Man am I lucky I am not blind in my left eye! I imediatly ripped off the plastic gloves took out my contact and started putting water in my eye, first thing that happened was my eye turned completely red, second thing that happened was it burned, third thing that happened was I panicked! Thank god the stinging stopped and I can still see.

Around 8pm Peter took me out to dinner to meet a brother and sister that had worked for him for a short while on a working holiday just like me. They are Steven and Jasmine half German and half Chinese (grew up in germany) and they are both towards the end of their stay. Jasmine has 2 more months and Steven is leaving early to holiday in Hong Kong before returning to Germany. Jasmine plans to do a working holiday in Australia next. They just move to the country just like me, apply for a job stay in a youth Hostile or as they call it here a backpacking place and when they have stayed in a certain place for a while and want to see another area they move on! They had some great stories and adventures, and I think Jasmine and I are going to hang out next week during my time off!

Steven and Jasmine at dinner at Monsoon.


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