Saturday, July 5, 2008

Freezing cold and Unfortunate Timing!

So last night Peter and I and Grant all celebrated the 4th of July! We had BBQ Chicken and chips and salsa and beer and Margaritas! It was a lot of fun!
Today July 5th was a whole other situation! I was in charge of Sybilla today and the majority of the day it was raining pretty hard, so when it finally let up I thought this is our chance to get out of the house and go for a quick walk before the Rain starts again.
Bad Idea! I walked down to the harbor and I was wearing a shirt, a hoodie, and a jacket with both hoods up and tied shut (yes it was that cold). Sybilla had on her blanket and her water proof shield on her stroller.
We get all the way down to the end of the harbor and it starts to rain, not just a light rain it starts to hail and the wind turns the umbrella inside out! So I tried to wait it out under an over hang but after about 10 minutes I decided to walk home in it.
My hands were numb and I was soaked from head to toe (and I am going out tonight and my jacket is still wet!). The funny thing is that I was worried about Sybilla and I pull us into the garage after running part of the way and she is sound asleep! (ps it was about a 20 minute walk all up hill to get back)


beeswax said...

Well at least you went out and walked. You win some you lose some. I'm sure you must have been laughing to yourself, running in the pouring rain. The neighbors may think you're a little nutty.
It looks like you had a nice 4th party. Very thoughtful of Peter to do that.
Love, MOM

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