Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun Stuff!

Right before we left for the market!

Today Sybilla and I went grocery shopping (all by ourselves)! I now have a car seat for her so I put her in it and drove to the market and got all the food that we needed for the week! While at the store Peter called me and said that he was at home and that the heater guy was there and that he would wait for me to get back. Thank god he did because it was very helpful to have him help unload the car and watch Sybilla while I moved the car.

I was planning on going to the zoo today but because Sybilla took such a long nap we didn't get a chance so we are going to go tomorrow.
But I did make dinner, spaghetti with home made meat sauce and salads! It was really good!


Lacey said...

aww shes such a cute baby! and yuummm that food looks good! youre gonna be such a good mom one day with all this experience =D

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