Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hair Cut!

Today I drove out to the Ardmore Airport to Engine Dynamics where Peter stores and works on his race car. The guy who runs Engine Dynamics Craig and his Girl Friend Mel live and work out there, and it turns out she is a hairdresser! So I ventured out there today and got my hair cut! The drive out there was really nice and because it was such a clear day I was able to see just how pretty it is in this area.

My hair looks really good too! well at least that is what I think!

I am so good at driving that I can take pictures of myself as I drive! (there was no one else on the road)

I don't know why I didn't take any pictures of Mel and her children or of the shop but next time I will have to remember to take some.


beeswax said...

You are so multi-talented, driving and photography at the same time! The hair looks great, how lucky to find a good hairdresser there. I got mine cut at SuperCuts a month ago.
Love you, MOM

Karen Raffa said...

WOW...I love reading about your 'new life' are braver than the average Bear!
Teresa told me about it and I will continue to live through your eyes in NZ.
The baby us wonderful...and this Grant guy is adorable. Does anybody work there, they seem to have many parties during the week!
You look marvelous in your new 'do' and outfits ...and your paintings are fun!
I was in England for a few weeks and it seemed like I never saw the sun...and when I finally did...I ran to the park to enjoy I understand you 'not waiting' for the sun to come out. JUST DO IT!

So, have fun and if you have an e-mail address, I can send you updates on our racing Harley's all over the country. Greg is doing GREAT! We saw Teresa in the Chicago airport, last week...that was FUN! And we had not even planned it, what are the chances?

Well, keep us informed, you are doing a great job.

Peace and Love, Karen

Andrea said...

Your Hair looks great!! And all your cute outfits do too!! You look so trendy!! MIss you.


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