Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Out on a Wednesday!

This morning I went for an hour walk down to the harbor where they have all sorts of yachts and boats and fishing shops. It was a crystal clear day but at the same time extremely cold.

Tonight I went out with Jasmine and some of her friends that are staying with her at the backpacking place! We went to a movie Kung Fu Panda and then we went to a club called Margaritas. They played great music I danced the whole time! And because we got there so early we were ready to leave early so I am home by 12am.

me and Jasmine

They had free food outside the club hot dogs and bread! What a Great idea! The other thing that is different is the fact that it is a Wednesday night and there were about 100, I am not kidding, people in line to get in the club at 11:30pm when we left. I literally could not believe my eyes!


beeswax said...

Here We Go - with the Spam comments. These A-holes suck! Do not click on the link.

So It looks like you had a really good time, met new people and got to dance all evening. Good idea with the free food, it helps people sober-up and get energy to dance.

I'm happy that you're having fun.
Love, MOM

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