Sunday, July 6, 2008

Party Time!

Today I didn't do much but last night Saturday night I went to Grant's house where we all watched the rugby game (of course we won! the all blacks that is) and then we all went to a house party that was in a barn.
Now when I say it was cold I mean cold, had I known how casual the party was going to be I would have worn many more layers. I thought I would be fine because I had on a long sleeve wool shirt then on top of that my normal long sleeve shirt then Grant said I should put on my hoodie over that then my jacket and a scarf and gloves. I was also wearing wool socks and you would think wow that is a lot of clothes but guess what its not! I found out through Alina, Grants roommate that she was wearing wool leggings under her regular leggings and 5 shirt layers and a jacket hahahhaha.
We had a great time besides to cold weather, the party was in a barn next to the house and there was a local band playing. Towards the end of the night apparently we were drunk enough to take of some of the layers of clothes and that is when (I don't remember) I must have set my hoodie down and left it in the barn. Just for the record that is now THREE sweater/hoodies I have lost while out partying! Sucks.

Picture of the crowd at the party

Alina, Matt, and Grant

me looking cold


Grant and I being cold together

We found a hat!

So we wore the hat!

Alina and me

Grant and I

Alina won for most drunk all day Sunday we recovered!
We got a Taxi home!


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