Sunday, July 20, 2008

The weekend

This weekend was a lot of fun, Friday night I went to a small gathering at Grant's house where we drank and hung out. Then Saturday afternoon we went to Denny's just like the ones in America and I got an American cup of coffee and eggs and pancakes yum. While eating I spotted these cool looking birds that were running around outside. I thought they are very funny looking I must take a picture.

Saturday night we met up with Jasmine and some of her friends at the sky tower casino. I lost 15 dollars on the 2cent machines and that is really annoying! After the casino we went to Bar 3 which is a club in the sky tower.

This is a lame attempt at me trying to take a picture of the city while in a moving car.

and I had to put a picture of what I am wearing in because I need to show my mom that I am actually using the clothes and shoes that she sent me. I am also wearing the necklace Teresa got me, Thank you!


beeswax said...

You look so cute in your old clothes. Now you're a fashion bug and looking very stylish. Cool bird. You should paint one.
Love, MOM

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