Friday, August 29, 2008

Don't waste a good day!

Thursday Rebecca got called to go on a three day trip so Peter and I are in charge of Sybilla for the weekend! Friday I decided that we needed something to do so we drove over to Mission Bay and Kohimarama Beach and went for a long walk. After the walk we stopped at Starbucks and I got a coffee and I fed Sybilla lunch! It was a super fun day!

She is more interested in the bird poop then anything else!

We went on the swings!

Such a nice day and it didn't rain the whole time!

Friday night was sort of a disappointment, I found out last minute from Grant that he was going to go snow boarding early Saturday morning and I had thought that we might go out Friday night and do something fun! I guess that is the down side of not knowing many people, I have to rely on the few people I know and hope that they want to do something and I guess it is easy for them to take advantage too because they know that I am desperate to go out and do something. So I was only able to spend a few hours with him, just long enough to spill a whole glass of water on my pants! I had to go to sleep early because I had to work in the morning. Thankfully I think that Alina and I are going to go out Saturday night!


beeswax said...

L O V E the new color scheme and layout! Ah.. I remember those days of disappointments.. all dressed up and no-where to go.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a great day - loved the video. Makes me feel homesick but great to see you both from miles away.
See you tomorrow morning,R

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