Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday through Sunday

Friday I was on call, I couldn't really go anywhere or do anything so I decided to finish this painting I had been working on.

Friday night Grant and I and the roommates all just hung out and watched tv as usual. Alina got back from her holiday in Russia and we decided to celebrate by drinking and playing table tennis!
Saturday Rebecca had to work so I watched Sybilla. Peter was at Engine Dynamics working on his car so I decided that it would be fun for Sybilla and I to go out there and see everyone.

They just happened to have this cute peddle car that she loved!

Peter Sybilla and Craig

Saturday night me and Grant and his friends and the roommates all went out to Takapuna! we had a great time.

First drinks of the night. We like to start out strong!


Kristen said...

i love your painting!!
looks like your keeping busy and having fun! =)

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