Sunday, August 31, 2008

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Saturday Night I met Alina and some of her friends in town, and we all went out and Drank and partied! Tons of fun!
Pictures before the cab came and got me.
Alina dancing in the club on K road.
Regina, Alina's friend.

Regina's boyfriend Brook.
This morning, Sunday after I slept through my alarm and Peter had to get Sybilla breakfast! I need a few alarms! and yes I did take a picture of my self sleeping hahaha.

Sybilla waking up after her morning nap on Sunday. After we went to the swim class and lunch Peter and I and Sybilla all went to meet his friends Rebecca and Greg. They had us over to their new place for coffee and a snack. Greg works for NZ Hot Rod magazine and they are both into racing and hot rods. I forgot to take pictures, but next time I see them I will defiantly get some. So it turned out to be a really nice Weekend!


beeswax said...

you are the hardest person to wake up. you should get 2 alarms - loud ones.
i'm glad you had fun yesterday. the video of Sybilla in her crib is so cute.
I love you, MOM

Ed said...

1. Sybilla is a cutie!
2. You found another guy who goes by Brook. You quite possibly met all the male Brooks in the World.

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