Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hair Cut and Botanical Gardens!!!!!!

This morning at 830am I drove to meet Mel at Engine Dynamics so I could get my hair cut. The area where there shop is located is really beautiful! Even though it was raining on and off the drive over there was lovely and it was nice to be able to do something different in my day.

This is what it looks like right outside their shop!

This is Peter's race car! It is all taken apart right now. I guess tomorrow he is planning on spending the whole day stripping off all the paint, sounds like a lot of work to me!

I love the way my hair turned out! Great style!

Got my Hair cut same style as last time! Nothing too Exciting.

Kiss me I am Irish! Just kidding I am not Irish!

After I got my hair cut I decided to go to the Auckland Botanic Gardens, it is on my way home and it wasn't raining at the moment so I thought why not.

I made friends with the ducks! They were very nice, we had a great conversation! We discussed how cold it was. I would have actually have spent more time there if it hadn't been so cold or if I had more clothing and gloves and perhaps if there was someone else there with me to enjoy it with.

I made it there just in time because as you can see in these pictures the rain was headed my way!

Its kinda funny being all by yourself sometimes, I always want to say something like when I followed all the signs to the rose garden thinking to myself oh I can't wait to see all the roses, and when I arrived at the rose garden all there was were sticks in the ground because duh it is the middle of winter and of course there wouldn't be any roses. I wanted to laugh and I think I did but you know if there is someone with you its always more funny.
That is the one thing that is hard during my free time I am normally all by my self either doing things like this or sitting in my room reading or working on art and it does get lonely. I would actually rather be working more because that way my whole day would be taken up and then I would just have the night to do the art I want and have the weekend to be around people.

I am missing Bonneville for the second year in a row = ( My parents said they got there no problems and that they have already done a practice run with the car and everything went great! Hopefully they will get Dennis in the club this year! Miss Everyone!


Ed said...

Irish I were Irish, too... sometimes ;-)

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