Sunday, August 10, 2008

Road Trip!

Today was such a beautiful sunny day that we decided to take a road trip to one of Peter's friends house and to the beach, but first we went to Sybilla's swim class.

She loves the water.

After the Swim class we had lunch in the car on the ride North to Tawharanui Beach. Sybilla took a nap in the car.

What a wonderful day!

After the highway ended we had to drive about 15 minutes on a gravel road down to the beach.
Sybilla slept all the way there, until Murray called and woke her up hahaha.

This wonderful beach is only about one hour and 30min from our house in Auckland.

We took a walk along the beach and unbelievably there are tons of shells, of course I picked some up and brought them home.

Matakana is where Peter's friends Peter and Michelle live. They have a beautiful house on a winery. We all sat in the sun and had some of the wine that they make from their own vineyard, so cool.
This is the view out of their dining room of their vineyard.
This is their kitchen and dining room.
Michelle and Sybilla.

Peter and Peter!


beeswax said...

It looks like you had a great day. That sure is some beautiful countryside. Must have been fun to visit the vineyard house. Glad to see you're getting around the area a bit, it helps when the weather is nice like that.
Love, MOM

Enjoying said...

Hi Shannon,

I'm really enjoying your blog - all the photos and information - It makes me feeling like I'm traveling without any of the hassle! Thanks for sharing your adventure!

I'm not sure I have your correct email, so thought I'd just post a comment -

Sounds like you are having a great time and acclimating to your new surrounds.

Are the Olympics big there? It sounds like they have a lot of sporting pride!

Have a great day, take care and keep blogging!


Lacey said...

Oh my gosh Sybilla is just adorable! that vineyard looks so nice and relaxing

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