Friday, September 12, 2008

Another one bites the Dust!

The weekends seem to fly by!!!! Its already Saturday night and soon it will be Sunday morning and then it will start all over again (the week that is). Next Weekend my friend Kelly is coming to visit me for a week so I am really excited about that!

All day Friday I sewed and organized my room (which for some reason still looks the same). Friday night Grant and I and everyone else who came over all played ping pong and drank wine! I never thought I would drink so much wine, but I actually like it.

Today Rebecca, Sybilla, and I all went to Peter and Daniels (friends of Peter T.) house for Daniel's two year old birthday. It was a great party, great food, and Sybilla had a wonderful time playing with all the other kids. Tonight I am going out hopefully to watch the rugby game and go to some clubs.


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