Sunday, September 21, 2008


Sybilla woke up a little under the weather with a stuffy nose. She is wearing her new outfit that Kelly got for her, Isn't it cute, Thanks Kelly!
Today we had a really full day! We woke up and went to One Tree Hill and walked all the way to the top stopping along the way to take pictures with the sheep and lambs.

We don't need anyone to take our picture not when we have a fence.
Sybilla enjoyed it as much as she could with a really stuffy nose.
Me in my new shirt! Thanks mom I love you!
After One Tree Hill we went home and had lunch and Sybilla took a nap. We then packed up again and headed out to Davenport and Takapuna.

After we walked around Davenport we headed home and finished the night by watching the 40 year old virgin and eating some nachos that I made yum!


Anonymous said...

Sybilla looks so gorgeous in Kelly's outfit. I think I've got her cold also - feel very average - hope she's getting better. My suitcase got lost on the way up - so far they have no idea where it is. Great excuse to go shopping!Have fun, hugs to Syb, R

Ed said...

Calvary Cougars we love so... and we don't want to let you go... haha nice to see you two!

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