Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Last Part of Kelly's Trip!

Friday the 26th we took the bus to town and walked around the city and did some shopping!

Friday night we Hung out with Grant and met up with all his friends and we all took a taxi to town and checked out their friends band. Saturday morning we got up and met up with Grant and with all his friends and then we all took a cab to the rugby game. It was a day time game but that didn't slow down the drinking process. Grant didn't actually make it to the game because he was too hung over and spewing every where.


Me and Alina drinking and partying way to much


Anna and Kelly


all of us standing in the rain waiting for a cab that never came! Rina's dad finally came and got all of us Yay

After we got picked up we all went back to Rina and Gavin's place and watched the other rugby games on tv. We also Drank heaps and got really drunk or at least I did.

Sunday Morning Kelly and I went out to lunch and met up with her friend Christine one last time.

We also went to Mt Eden and it was the most clear Beautiful day I have seen so far!

I then dropped Kelly off at the airport around 730 and cried all the whole way back to Grant where I had dinner with them. That is like a 30 minute drive!
Today Monday I watched Sybilla and we went to the swings!

Tonight I am going out to the movies with Anna, I am trying to keep my self really busy so I don't get sad!


beeswax said...

You'll only be sad for a few days, then it will be just like it was before she arrived.

No crying when I leave or I'll take you home with me.
Love, MOM

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