Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Zealand Fathers day weekend

This weekend I was in charge of Sybilla. On Friday we made Peter a father's day card because Sunday was Father's Day in New Zealand. Sybilla wanted to eat the crayons more then she wanted to color with them, but I was able to keep them out of her mouth just long enough to make a few marks on the paper.

I also put paint on her hand so she could stamp the card with her hand print.

Saturday Grant and I and Sybilla all went for a nice drive and up to mt Eden. It was a really nice sunny day so I made sure we took advantage of it.

Even though it was sunny it was still windy and cool

Don't Smile!

Saturday night Grant and I went out with all his friends to a pub where there was a very rude bouncer, but oh well we still had a good time.

These are a few pictures of us all waiting for the cabs to go out in. Alina has some pictures of me on her camera that I will add to this as soon as I get them. Sunday we all hung out again like an extention of Saturday hahhaa. Sunday we went to the mall for lunch and looked at some shoes, Grant found his sunglasses that he thought someone stole a while back apparently they were just under the tree in the mud hahahha.
Today, Monday I watched Sybilla till noon and we went shopping where I bought an epilator.
An epilator is suppose to be like shaving but it pulls the hairs out like waxing well Alina said I should get one cause they are really good but I didn't have any idea how painful it is! Yikes! It says on the paper work that I should get use to the pain hahahha lets hope so!

After fun with the epilator I went to the movies and saw Then She Found Me. Not the best movie but not bad either. I made a Delicious dinner chicken veggies and a sweet potato yum! and now I am having tea and writing this.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was great!


beeswax said...

Hey litte girl, you were busy this weekend. The weather looked so nice. I'm glad your teaching Sybilla to draw. She may become an artist some day.
Nothing like pulling the hair out of your legs for some excitement. I'm glad you're experiencing new things. Love, MOM

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