Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh My God

Oh My God Yesterday was SOOOOOOO COOL! So most of the day I just sat around and did nothing because I had the day off but then around 530 Rebecca and her family invited me to go with them to a nice hotel for a drink where fashion week is going on! We had our drink and talked and surprisingly Sybilla lasted a really long time. When it was time to go Rebecca said why don't you stay and because I was planning on meeting a friend in town I thought great I can just walk from the hotel to where I am meeting my friend.
That is when the cool thing happened we went into this reception type party where there were a lot of models and designers and just normal people trying to act cool and important (I was one of them accept I don't think I did a very good job hahahhaha). That is when I spotted Dan Carter one of the All Black rugby players! Apparently he has some sort of clothing line! So playing it cool I go Oh my god is that Dan Carter? and everyone was like oh yeah like it was no big deal then I said oh we should like get his picture (I was just playing it cool). Then I wasn't trying to be cool anymore and I walked right up to him and said can I get a picture with you (nothing ventured nothing gained) he was sort of reluctant he was like oh I am kind of leaving right now and I said oh just really fast and then I took it hahhahahha. As you can see in the picture he doesn't look very excited and he is sorta looking away but oh well! I am happy!

Joel (Rebecca's brother), Jerry (Joel's girl friend), Sybilla, and Rebecca!

Me and Dan Carter! Awesome!
After all the excitement of that picture I walked to the Empire Tavern and I met my friend Anna who is also a nanny and we had a really good time. We have a ton in common, we are both here on working visa's as Nanny's.


beeswax said...

I googled your new boyfriend, Dan, and see that he's an underwear model. Whoohooo!

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