Monday, September 22, 2008

On the GO!

This morning we walked up Ponsonby to the bank so Kelly could exchange her money and then we came home and packed a lunch that we took to the museum with us. We walked around the gardens and ate our lunch that consisted of all the left overs (rice and chicken curry, pizza, nachos, and the chocolate cupcakes I made) from the day before.

Then we went through the entire museum which took us 2 hours. Clearly we weren't looking at any one thing for very long.

After the museum we went home to take a rest and we ate some snacks; popcorn, apple, orange,chips and salsa and watched Wedding Crashers.

Around 630 we met up with Kelly's friend Christine and her husband Gavin. We had dinner at the Malt house, really good food.

We plan to catch up with Christine again before Kelly leaves maybe on Saturday.


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