Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rotorua Trip

Wednesday Kelly and I woke up and we started to get all our stuff together for our adventure to Rotorua! We left around 10am and started to drive it took about 3 hours to get there. We had packed a nutritious lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chips and soda, that we ate along the way. When we got to Rotorua we went straight to the info center which was great they were able to book us a hotel, a maori show and dinner for that night, and a trip to Hells gate the natural bubbling hot springs for Thursday.

Our hotel The Distinction was awesome really Flash! I guess we were put in the refurbished wing and it was brand new!

view out the hotel window

Te Puia our indigenous evening experience was great! We had an excellent time they danced for us and did the haka and we ate the traditional meal that is called the hangi.

The food is cooked under ground.

Above is the dancing and the haka.

At the end of the dinner we got onto a people mover and went to see the Pohutu geyser and we sat on naturally hot rocks and drank hot chocolate.
In the morning we got up and went to hells gate. We started with breakfast a granola bar and coffee and then went for the walk.

It stunk soo bad like rotten eggs! They were all natural smells yuk!
steam and mud bubbling out of the earth!

On the way out of Hells Gate we were able to carve traditional wood and this really nice maori wood carver showed us how to carve the wood, took pictures with us, had us dress up in the traditional outfits and told us about carving the statues and the culture. He was really nice!

On the way out of town we had lunch at Pig and Whistle. Kelly had fish and chips that she had wanted to try and I had a lamb salad that was really good, kinda sad if you think about all the lambs you see driving around but oh well!

On the drive home we saw this random car up on this log and I was forced to turn around so I could take pictures of it.

Today is Friday and we are planning to go down town today and walk around and see all there is to see in town and hopefully we won't be too tired to go out tonight.


Anonymous said...

I suspect you're starting to understand why I love New Zealand and the Maori culture so much. You're experiencing some of the same things I did many years ago.

It's great to see you and Kelly having such a good time down there. I live for your blog entries, and this is one of your best yet.

Here's hoping you and Kelly have a great time in the city this afternoon and evening.

Love ya'...


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