Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stoked on Sewing

I had the day off again today and after yesterday's crazy attempt at sewing by hand I thought I really need a sewing machine. This morning at breakfast I asked Rebecca if she knew anyone who might have a machine that I could borrow? Well turns out she didn't and I thought well I can just borrow Alina's machine.

So I took off to the fabric store where I planned on buying some easy patterns and some material, which is exactly what I did until I got to the second fabric store that is much larger and I saw a sign that said 249$ sewing machine. I walked past the sign probably 4 times then thought what the hell its only 300 bucks so I got the sewing machine and some more patterns and all the supplies I need! Anyways my rational is that I will make all my summer clothes hahahahh! And who wants to buy clothes when they can spend 4 times as much money and 10 times the amount of time making them from scratch, only to have them look as if you bought them at the thrift store. MEEE!!!!

Any who just like any other project I start I jumped in full force after I got back from meeting a friend for coffee! I set up the machine, read the book on how it works, I got out the ironing board, I cut out my pattern, and I sewed a shirt! It took me till 12 at night and it isn't perfect but I am wearing it out tomorrow I don't care what anyone thinks! And now that the pattern is cut out and I know how to do it I can have 5 to 10 shirts in different colors. Awesome! This could be a whole new career for me I just hope it doesn't turn out like when I bought all the stuff for tramping or for water colors or whatever else I spent a ton of money on but never did!

What I wore out to coffee. (PS after I spent a lot of money this morning I told my self no more spending but of course while out to coffee I saw a robe for 15$ and I don't have a robe, so I paused for a nano second the bought it) I have no will power! Its only money you only live once! Everyone needs a robe!

The Sewing Machine!

My 300$ shirt that took me 7 hours to make! Isn't it great! the pattern sorta looks like PJ's. I am going to wear it!

Fabulous! I am super proud of my self! What an accomplishment!


beeswax said...

You look marvelous darling...
I love your blog, it's so funny. Good for you getting the sewing machine AND you made a top already. Each time you make one, the price goes down. First $300, second $150, third $100, etc. etc.
Your top is so cute, I like the pattern and it fits you really well. Again - I'm proud of you!
Love, MOM

Ed said...


Lacey said...

omg shannon this post is hilarious im really doing a lol. your shirt turned out really good!

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